It has been a week now, 8 days to be exact. And I wish I could tell you it is going perfect but I am going to tell you the complete truth of it, it is hard. I thought going in to this that it was going to be supper easy I was just going to fall in to a routine and that’s that. Was I ever wrong! I was not prepared for the huge commitment to was going to take.

I have been very motivated to complete all of the things on my list, however it has been very hard. Working and cleaning and getting everything done is such a chore. Don’t get me wrong I am trying very hard with all of my list.

1.No soda - I have not had any soda, not even a drop!
2.Do my dishes everyday – this has been very hard to keep up on I have only missed two days however
3. Half an hour of physical activity everyday -  I have only missed two days
4. no McDonalds – have not touched any!
5. Drink more water – I have been drinking a lot! Almost the 8 glasses a day you are supposed to.

I am going to keep at it, everything worth working for is hard, right. So we will see how the next couple of days go. Hopefully it gets easier. I wish any one going through this luck and I am with you, leave us a comment and tell us how you are doing! Love to hear your strategies.

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