The last few days i have been feeling really down, so today's list is about all the things that make me happy. Hope you enjoy it!

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Todays quote is about life and living your best life. You only get one so you better make it worth while. Do everything that is on your list and don't be afraid to go outside your bubble. Pushing bounders and living your best life lets you grow into a better person. Trying something new everyday pushes you to be great!
So I thought I would share an important piece of Mine and Tamara's lives.
Well...Here they are!

Tamara & Skylar

John & I

Just like every other girl in the world, we have dreamed for years about someone coming into our lives and sweeping us off our feet, just like Prince Charming.
Well it took many years of waiting,dreaming,heartbreaks, giving up on love, and weaping floods of tears, wondering why our prince hasn't come to rescue us.
When we met them we just knew they were the ones we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with.

But the problem was that they lived so far away. So then the worry sets in...
When will I see him again? Is he gonna cheat? What if things don't last?

These are the thoughts that cross every girls mind whether there man is near or far until they can really see the commitment shine through.
Well ladies [and gents] this is where the TRUSTING part of your brain should set in. If you dont give them the benefit of the doubt, then mabey the worst is what is in store for you.

Im sure many of you can relate to us. Some of you may even still be with your man/woman as well. Good for you! :)
As for the others... your probly saying to yourselves "Why the heck is this girl writing about all this?".

Im writing to give you Hope. Hope that there is someone in this world for everyone. That person could be the one you met online, or your next door neighbor, or your best friend. Dont get yourself all upset because you cant find your true love yet. You cant find love, because love finds you.

So sit back and relax. Your time will come. Just remember... the longer you wait the more memories you will share about the journeys you took along the road you walked to find the one you love.

Live With a Happy Heart.
Do you love to sew?

Well doesnt this look like such a cute thing to make for yourself or a friend or even your daughter.
If you are good at sewing then this is a great thing for you to try!
Im personally still in the learning process of sewing. I did make some PJ's in the 7th grade but that was like forever ago :)

I put these up for you all to see because they are so cute and just by looking at the picture ( if you know how to sew already) you can easily figure out how to make these. Unfortunately for those of you who cant sew yet I do not have a tutorial on here to show you as I am very crunched for time.

These would be a great place to start though. The best way ( I Think) to learn how to sew it to [ see & do ]
This is the way I learn best...Im a hands on kind of person. If you read things to me I get bored and have to do something else. But if I can see and do I learn much faster. So for those of you who are new to the sewing world. I want you to try this. You can find the fabric at walmart. Im sure you could probly find it at a sewing store as well. So go on.... take the challenge. And show us what you come up with. We would love to see it! :D
So am I the only one who struggles to keep up with her inner and outer beauty? I think NOT!How many of you see these woman and think to yourself...... Why can't my face look like that? Or wow she is so lucky she has a figure like that one, I soooo wish my thighs could be as small as hers!

All woman say these things to themselves. We see these kinds of girls in magazines,newpapers,concerts,t.v and even walking down the street. And all we can think is " I wish I could be like her" or "I wish I could look like that". So we try and we try to do exactly that. We go on diets.We starve ourselves.We buy clothes that are over our buget to keep up with the trends. We plaster ourselves in make-up. But at the end of the day we still just feel like ourselves and feel like we have gotten no where. Then we put ourselves down and start all over the next day. All because of what the media tells us how we should be. When do we draw the line.

Look at this picture. Well we all know Jessica Alba is a very beautiful woman and Im sure she feels very blessed to have the beauty that she posseses. But really, how many woman can wake up in the morning and have time to look like this every single day. You can see just by looking closely at how much makeup she has on for this shot. But in our heads we think "Omg she is sooooooo pretty ". We dont stop to think about all the makeup shes wearing, or the lighting this picture was taken with, or the hour it took for SOMEONE ELSE to do her hair and what expensive NewYork jewler they had to run too to get those earrings.

For most of these girls. If they didnt have hollywood people dressing them up and printing the best pictures of them on t.v and in the magazines they would probly look just like us. We need to stop beating ourselves up about how we need to look. Everyone is wonderfully and uniquely made. Love youself for who you are and not what the world wants you to be. When you start loving yourself that is when the world is going to see how beautiful you really are. So go look in the mirror and say " I am beautiful, I am unique, I want to stand out because Im ME!"I hope this changes the thoughts of some of you ladies. I hope you think differently about yourselves or are going to try to turn over a new leaf. So go on.... I DARE YOU! :)

This is todays Quote:
I really like this quote because I believe that it can be used in so many ways. I always think about Recycling. The better you take care of the earth the better it will be for everyone as well as  other generations. Everyone needs to do there part to take care of our loving plant, we only get one! If everyone does one small thing they will add up to a bigger thing and bigger, and so on. Did you know that if every Canadian used just ONE roll of recycled tissue it would save 45,000 trees a year?
When we know better we can do better!
Food for thought....
Did you know that when you leave the tap on when you brush your teeth you waste 13 liters of water per minute?
A single tree can take between 50-100 kilograms of carbon dioxide out of the air in a year and  produce three-quarters of a human's oxygen need's. 

Leave a comment and tell us what you and your family are doing to save our planet. 
And on Farm Girl Paints
Ever since I started my 21 day Challenge there is one quote that I keep seeing everywhere.
I saw it on Lost and Found
Every time i hear this i think of one movie... Sister Act 2 ... This is My Favorite Part i love the song and when ever i hear these three words this scene pops right in to my head. Thank you ladies for filling my head with wonderful thoughts!
Welcome back crafters!
Today we are making Snow Flakes out of paper! They are my favorite holiday craft and i make them every year and i put them in my house and give them as gifts as well.

Construction paper
Glue gun
Glitter glue

You can use what ever colours of paper you want, You will need 6 sheets. If you do decide to use two you will need 3 sheets of each colour. 

Take your sheet and fold the bottom left hand corner up until the right bottom corner is level in a nice straight line. Then cut off the left over at the bottom then you have a triangle.

Take the two ends and fold them together so that you are left with a piece of paper that looks like half of a triangle.

Now draw a line (with a pencil) on the spine of the triangle about half an inch from the spine and then draw three lines around 2 cm apart. Start measuring from the longer edge of the triangle so there is more space between the corner and the third line.
Now cut on the lines but stop when you get to the spine line, if you go past it will not work.
It is was easier if you make all 6 trangles and have them ready, you will be able to put them together much faster.

So make 6...Then we will start construction.
You can start heating up your glue gun can use school glue if you are doing this craft with children or even a stapler but glue looks the best!

First fold the middle in, so both half's over lap, put some glue in between and hold. Then flip it over to do the next flap then glue. Then flip it over again and glue the next flap and so on.
Build all six at once (one after another) before you continue...

The next step is to put all the pieces together. Grab the ends of the paper and put them together so that they kind of fit. Its hard to explain but so they are all the same way and they will fit together nicely. Once you have all of them together take the stapler and staple them together, this makes the middle of the snow flake.

Once you have stapled them together you must glue all of the pieces together. Pull them together and join them by the middles of each one. Then its done! you have a paper Snow Flake. Add a hook or piece of string to the top and hang it from where ever you like. 

 If you want you can add the glitter glue to it and add some shine. Use different colours to make it stand out, make it your own. It may sound complicated but it is not, and once you make a few you wont even have to measure anything you will just do it, i know i do! Its is very easy i was taught by a grade 3 class how to make these when i was doing work exprence. Give it a try and tell me what you think, if you try it out send us the link so we can see your creations!

Have a Wonderful Holiday! And remember crafting is about having FUN♥

Who Likes a simple craft every now and then. I DO! Thats for sure!

Ok. So lets start with this cute little kids craft. All you do is cut out a circle piece of paper. Then for the ' garland you draw cirles on the page evenly spaced apart. Then color different dots on the page to make your 'bulbs'. Then fold your circle in half. Then in half again and again. Then unfold it too get this Chirstmas tree affect. Then cut out a star and put it on the top. Done!

Here is something super simple. You can give this as a holiday gift or else use as house decor. All it is is a few cinnimon sticks wrapped with a bow with fake poinsettas and bulbs on it (you can find these at the dollar store) and underneath is a bit of fir tree needles (these u can find on the trees outside or pick them off of your christmas tree). Simple right.

Now these are for the handy men and women (if you cant find the shapes at a dollar store or somewhere). You cut these shapes out.Paint them white and write your names on them. You can hang them up if you like by drilling little holes in them and putting wire through. Totally cute.

Lastly. Im sure Im not the only one who sees all the fancy commercials and looks at the screen with envy... Asking myself " Why cant I afford to have stuff like that around my house?" Or " Where on earth do they get these things from?".
Well look closer people...Pick 1 : All you have to do is lightly spray paint that wreath white and find some bulbs or old shells or something around the house that you dont use and spray those white as well then hot glue them down.Pick 2 : Look at those candles. Your probly thinkin like $5 per beautiful candle right.... well im thinkin " Hey I can pull out my scrapbook paper and some glue and add those little shapes on there too!Pick 3: All they did was put some candles on a nice platter and put some chestnuts on it with some fake berries from the dollar store (gotta love the dollar store ;)Pick 4: Once again. SIMPLE. They took a glass jar. Got a ' dollarstore' floating candle. Put some holly in the water and threw in some fake berries.
So you see... All these pretty things that seem so extravagant and out of your reach can be made yourself by just simply purchasing a few cheap things that can make something simple look elegant or beautiful.

I hope I made some of your house decor a lot easier for you. Use your imagination and show us what you've got :)

Looking forward to seeing what others come up with. Have fun!
Tis the Season! for christmas decorations, nice dressed trees and christmas baking.
I am new to the whole baking scene and this was my first time ever cooking gingerbread men. Last year I tired to cook sugar cookies because they are my favorite christmas cookies, and it turned out very bad. I did not know there was a difference between butter and margarine, no one ever told me. Not even the dog would eat my cookies :( But this year i knew better!! Today we made Ginger Bread Men and Sugar cookies. The Ginger Bread Men said it would make 16 cookies and this is all we got :S they are very fat tho.

 Ginger bread men!!
Complete with the gum drop buttons

I invited my friend Marissa over and we had so much fun baking.
 Proud bakers ..... Super cute aprons from the dollar store

Hope every one has fun baking this year! Send us a link so we can check out your baked goods!

Todays List is inspired by Meg, her blog is Whatever, Check it out!!
This list is 23 things i would like to do before I turn 22.

Today is a new day! Today is a a perfect time to get a new look at my challenge. I was reading a magazine on how celebrates keep there nice toned bodies and i was reading this one article and i just thought it was fantastic. I tried to find the article but sadly could not.
The Article is called...

Jackie Warner explains how to
Think yourself Thin
She reveals 4 secrets to achieving an A-list body

1. Set and Empowering goal
"Set a athletic goal, not just a weight loss goal, sign up for a 3k or 5k." Working towards a goal builds self-esteem and shifts the focus from how many pounds are on the scale to how far you've come on your journey. "Your goal becomes more about living a healthier, more fit lifestyle and less about a jeans size, which is very empowering."
2. Redefine pleasure & pain
"You see cupcakes, think 'thats going to taste good' and associate it with pleasure. But i visualize myself becoming unhealthy and you know what? they're not appealing to me anymore. I have learned to see exercise as pleasure. It makes me feel strong and sexy. Everything in life you sort of have to put in those two categories." 
3. Stop Self-loathing
"if you consistently fixate on your flaws you start to hate your self and feel unworthy of the dreams you have, its creates a vicious cycle." Instead set small, attainable goals- like drinking more water each day- and celebrating when your goal has been reached. "Even small steps lead up to the big picture, and you gain confidence to keep going."
4. Remember that giving up is going backwards
"Giving up is not only about failing to move forward, it's also going backward, toward unhappiness." Remind your self how much positive change you have created, look at how much healthier you are. "Look at all you have altered and know that you have the power to keep moving forward."

You Deserve to Feel GREAT!
This article helped me I hope it helps you too!
Well not a REAL turkey of course!
But a festive turkey to decorate with for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Or just any day that your family has the wonderful excuse for cooking a yummy meal !

First you need to start off with the feathers. You want each of them to be at least as wide as your thumb and shape them as you see above. The need to be at least....7 cm. Apart. So you have enough room to glue on end without shortening your feathers.
Next. Cut out 2 squares with rounded edges for the body. My squares are about 16 cm tall by by 14 cm wide. Then for the neck and head you want to cut out an hour glass kind of figure and draw 2 little eyes at the top with a sharpie or a black felt.

 For the beak i just used a piece of yellow scrap paper and shaped it into a rounded off triangle. I dont know how to explain the red piece to you but im sure you can get the general idea of it :) Then add a bow tie.

Then you glue all the colorful pieceto the back of your brown paper. Glue on the neck piece and glue all the rest of it down and there you have it. A cute little "Gobble Gobble" as I like to call em :)

Then there you have it!!!!

 Oh and p.s this is what it was suppose to look like from the Ucreate tutorial I got it from. This one is made from wood and popsicle sticks. :)
Hello Crafters!
Welcome to another addition to craft Thursday! Today I did a Christmas craft, it is time to get ready.

You will need:
I got all of the supplies at the dollar store
Wooden base
(any size or shape you want)
Wooden letters
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Hot glue gun
Paper towel

Sparkle paint

 Make sure you cover up your work place because it can be messy. The first thing I painted were the letters, I found that it you painted the sides and then let them dry before you painted the top it was less of a mess. I used paper towel to dry my letters but it proved to be more work doing it that way. I had to rip them off the paper towel and then pick off the extra that had stuck, so I would dry them on a counter, table or something like that.

 The next thing I did was paint the outer circle of my base. I coloured it green and with most acrylic sets of paint, green is not one of them. It’s because green is not a base colour so to make green you use yellow and blue. After that was dry I placed the letters on and drew a circle where I was going to draw my picture, that way I was sure not to go where the letter were going to be. 

After I drew the circle i painted my design in the middle. Three snow men, One girl one boy and one kitty. Because my family is just the three of use. You can change the design to fit your family and customize it how ever you would like. After my picture was done i painted white around the outside of the circle. After that I used my sparkle paint and covered the white very thoroughly. Then I painted the sky behind the snow men and then the snow men them selfs. After the inner circle was complete i added my snow flacks to the sides, I out lined a wooden snow flack that I bought, on both sides of the circle.

Next I placed the letters on the base then I glued on the letters one by one and made sure I had them where I wanted. Then I used white paint and drew lines in the flacks and added sparkle paint to them afterwards. 

Then let it dry and there you have it!
Your very own Christmas Family Portrait.
Hope you have fun doing this craft, I know that I did!