Hello Crafters!
To tell you the truth today was not a good craft day for me, or so I thought! I was tired and didn’t want to post today, so I headed over to Artyville for a little pick me up. And boy did I ever get it! If you have not visited this blog I recommend that you do so. She has a wonderful blog. She is the one that got us in to List it Tuesday.
I was looking though her blog this morning and I came across inky journal pages! Ever since I first started reading her blog I wondered where she got her colourful pages and journals and to my surprise, SHE MAKES THEM!!
I immediately texted Tara and told her that I was back in, and I had our craft for the day.

All you need is...
Paper or Journal
Something under the paper (It can be very messy)

It is very messy so wear gloves if you don’t want it on your hands. I tried so many different pages before I got one that I liked. So don’t be discouraged if you don’t like what you get the first time. I found that I liked doing it in my journal better than on paper, so it’s all up to you. I only had three colours for mine, Orange, Yellow and Silver. Tara had a few more colours than me, but thats ok! You don't need lots of different colours to create something wonderful, its you, its your own personality!

My Silver ruined my yellow, so make sure you use Ink pads that you don’t care if the colours mix together.

I added a little more to my page just to show you what the finished product can look like.
I added Glitter gel pens to the flowers and the lady bug trails to add some shine!
I really enjoyed the finished product. If you try this craft let us know, so we can check out how you did ours. We would love to see!!

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  1. oh, thanks for the mention! i love to see when others try this technique - it's messy but fun!


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