Going for a walk and finding a very curious squirrel that likes to get his picture taken.

And then a little gopher that wanted to join in the fun

Finding a beautiful butterfly and it saying still long enough for me to take a picture

Stopping to take a picture of a flower and a bee drops in to say hello

Babies eating chocolate
I am so glad to finally be back! I have not had internet in a few months and a lot has changed! We moved into a new place and I am loving it. Its way bigger then our old house and is 100% ours. The bills are all on us and everything else too. I am telling you, it’s so nice. I feel like such a grown up now hahah.
I have been really busy the past few months but I haven’t forgot about my blog. I have lots of great posts so keep an eye out.
In the mean time here are some pictures. I was out on my deck this evening just relaxing enjoying the sunset and I took some pictures of things I can see from my deck.

Have a good night!!