Do you ever get those days where you just feel...... Blue.I get those days all the time.Its called PMS.
Ok but no seriously, everyone gets those days....Sometimes there not even days. There weeks or even months. Every person you see around you has days where they don't think there gonna make it to the next morning.
Learning to dance in the rain doesnt mean that you need to run outside and get drenched and catch hypothermia when you are having a hard time.It means, think about what the problems are that are causing you to feel this way or to be trapped in this inconvinient time in your life. It means, Keep your head UP! Show the world that nothing can bring you down. Your mind is a powerful tool. If you tell yourself you can make it through the rough patches in your life you can make it through anything!YOU are an incredible person! YOU control your life!YOU control the people in it! YOU control whether you can be happy or not! YOU are amazing!So hold your head up high and show everyone that your not gonna let the people or issues in your life get to you.Love yourself first and others will follow.

Keeping with our Halloween Theme for this week, I am doing the Rocky Horror Glee Show.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a very old but very good movie. The original movie came out in September 1975 and was a box office hit. These days there are still midnight screenings of the film that get sold out. I am a huge fan of the film and I watch it almost every Halloween and when I heard glee was making an episode dedicated to the film I was so excited.

So come up to the lab and see what's on the slab. I see you shiver with antici... pation.
A very famous line from the original movie

Mercedes campaigns for Dr. Frank-N-Furter (originally played by Tim Curry) as a way to finally give her a lead role and modernize New Directions' take on the show. Cue Mercedes ripping on the tune — albeit a visually toned-down version, as she's opted for Frank-N-Furter's lab garb, rather than the leather-and-garter-belt ensemble he wore in the scene. It's a solo assignment that completely makes sense in the scheme of this episode.
I believe she did an amazing job at portraying Frank-N-Furter, she did it her own way and Rocked!!

If you havnt seen the movie, I really suggest that you do, here is the story line.
It's the weird and wonderful as newly engaged couple Brad and Janet encounter a problem when they car halts in the rain. They both look for contact only to find themselves at the castle of Dr. Frank-N-Furter a transvestite. A place to stay is offered, but will Brad and Janet want to remain there? Especially when a large group of Transylvanians dance to the 'Time Warp', Dr. Frank-N-Furter builds his own man and a whole host of participation for the audience to enjoy.

On Glee
The production couldn't be drama-free for long. After seeing her latest edition of Sue's Corner a pair of local station execs (original Rocky cast members Meat Loaf and Barry Bostwick) enlist her to do an exposé on the outrageous ways taxpayer dollars are being used for school arts programs. Her newfound enthusiasm lands her a role narrating the show as the criminologist, while Emma comes on board as costume designer.

I love that they brough some of the cast from the orginal film into this remake. When I saw Meat Loaf a laughed out load and scared my honey! I was so exited 

The costumes were amazing and the songs were done very well. I love Glee and Rocky Horror! They did a fantastic job of recreating the film in their own way. It is so funny how they incorporated the film into 47 minutes but they did a fabulous job.

Mr. Schuester and Sue have a confrontation that addresses the question of where teachers should set artistic boundaries. He ultimately decides to cancel the musical and deliver's the episode's message: "Rocky Horror isn't about pushing boundaries or making an audience accept a certain rebellious point of view... [The midnight shows] were for outcasts, people on the fringes... searching for anyplace where they felt like they belonged." With that, the entire ensemble delivers a rousing, G-rated rendition of Rocky's most popular tune to close out the show.
All and all i believe they did a wonderful job!

Bravo Glee for a Job well done
Even if you have never seen the movie I think you would enjoy this episode.
For full details on the episode Click Here
I know right.... Birthday cards are easy.... What was this girl thinking making a tutorial on that!
All you have to do is fold a piece of paper write Happy Birthday on the front and then scribble on the inside and stick it to the present right... WRONG! lol

When you really get into crafts, art or scrapbooking (though you may not believe it at first) you will get very touchy about the way you put everything.
First : You need to pick your paper. Of course its gonna be the best colors you have in your book especially when its for a good friend of yours!

Then...For those of you who have a Cricut, you can cut out your lettering for your card. For those who don`t.... Im sorry but your going to have to trace all your letters onto a page and then cut out the shapes until you just dont want to cut anymore.

Then you need to pick your paper that you want to layer on your card. Pick out the stamps you want to use and what ink colors will go along with your page!

Here I have layed my lettering where I want it all to go on my second page (it is ok to be simple people) it doesnt always have to look like crayola threw up color all over your page! haha

Always always always lay out your page how you want it before you start glueing down anything. Here is my final product for the first page. Its quite simple and very beautiful I think. Everyone has there own preferences though.

And here is the inside. Its short and sweet.

Well Thanks For Checking It out. I hope you all have a good night!
Welcome to Craft Thursday! Since it is so close to Halloween I have prepared a craft for Halloween. I have made little ghosts.
  • Cup cake papers
  • White thread
  • Needle
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
To make these little friendly ghosts you just take the cupcake papers and glue 4 googly eyes on it. One set on one side and one on the other. So that no matter what way they are facing you can see their eyes.

Then you want to take the needle and thread it with the white thread right through the top of the cupcake paper. Tie a not at the end of the piece of thread to make sure it stays. Then tie them where ever you want them to hang and you have a very cute Halloween ghost.

13 Recycled Halloween Crafts just Click Here!!

Have fun!Here's another Fun one to try.HALLOWEEN PUMPKINS!
 Here are the supplies you will need: 6-8 evenly cut piece of orange paper.
2 triangular eyes
1 mouth cut in half
Take your piece of paper and glue the ends together like so ^^^ Then grab each loose end one by one and bring them up and glue the ends the exact same way. This should create your pumpkin shape.Then add the eyes and mouth pieces side by side on 2 seperate lines to create the face.If you would like you can take a small piece of brown paper and make a stem for your pumpkin. But it not totally necessary.
And then there you go. You have your PUMPKIN! Yay.
You can sit if on a table or tie some string to it and hang it on your ceiling.
Hope you Enjoy!

Here is the link to where I found it: Click Here
Halloween is upon us once again, time to hang the skeletons and mount the witches. I have always loved this time of year, but then again I love doing crafts and decorating my house. I think that’s my favourite part besides seeing all the costumes that come to your door. Last year my honey and I whet all out, bloody hall ways and red light bulbs. This year was a little bit different, our nephew and niece are getting older now and wanted to help. We let’s just say that everything went from inside the box to on the floor beside it. Only some of our stuff when up this year, here are some pictures from last year, me and honey didn’t have enough time this year to put everything up.

Here are some pictures hope you enjoy!

this guy plays creepy Halloween music and bats fly around his head
 This guy we got in Regina at San Francisco. This is a Candle holder.
We also got this guy at San Francisco. He is an incents holder. 

I love this guy! We put him above our TV and we put the blood on him our selves.

Our Fridge, we had to tape the handle so we wouldnt rip him when we opened it.

Our dart board, we put the black light above it, it looked so cool.

This is Poop on a stick! Chocolate rice crispys with a stick in them so you could eat it without making a mess!!

This is Jack Skellington. From the nightmare before Christmas and his ghost buddies!!

This was the pumkin that i carved last year, I also did a Jack Skellington one aswell

Have a Happy Halloween!! I hope you have fun making your house scary!!!
Welcome to our first List it Tuesday!
We got this wonderful idea from a wonderful blog, artsyville, we read this blog often and love the ideas. This was one we just fell right in love with.
It is a chance for us to express ourselves using words. Come with us and enjoy the wonder of words.

Snow, what does it mean to you.
To me snow mean cold and hot chocolate! Today’s list was inspired by the fact today was the first snow fall of the season at my house. I am so inspired by it! Snow is so magical.

What does snow mean to you?
How about we start with some facts!
Did You Know:

-85% of teachers oppose integrating lesbian, gay and bisexual themes in their curricula.
  • Gay and lesbian youth are two to three times more likely to commit suicide than other youths, and 30 percent of all completed youth suicides are related to the issue of sexual identity. -Report to the Secretary's Task Force on Youth Suicide.
    • Harassment and bullying have been linked to 75 percent of school-shooting incidents. -US Secret Service Report, May 2002
    • One out of every 10 students who drops out of school does so because of repeated bullying. -Oklahoma Health Department, 2001

Now tell me why the Gay community has to be so scared to show who they really are.
Why are people so predjudice against them? Hm. They are just like us are they not. They were born the same way as the rest of us. They eat sleep and drink like the rest of us. They go to the same schools. They act just like everyone else. The only difference is there sexual partners.

For Years and Years and still to this day, many people have discriminated againt homosexuals. The people, the church, parents, friends, teacher, and co-workers. All these people are doing is forcing them to hide or commit suicide. The only people who seem to get away with homosexuality are celberties.
Everyone on this earth should be treated the same. Does everyone not say that. Is it not world peace that people have been fighting for for all of these years! YES! As a matter of fact IT IS!
Just because one does not agree with someones sexuality does not mean they need to put that person down or discriminate against them. They can just look the other way and not talk about it.
These people have feelings just like your own, there's should be respected as well. Stop and listen the next time you or someone opens there mouth and says some horrible thing about gays and lesbians. Then take a moment and sit there and think about how many people have commited suicide because of the poison that comes out when you/they speak. Think about how many people are forced to live a secret life because they aren't accepted.

THINK about what you would say or do if one of your loved ones came up to you and told you they were gay. Would you speak those same words to them. Would you discriminate against the one they love. Would you want to be the one who forces them to hide who they truly are or to end who they are forever.
No one wants those burdens on there shoulders.
So next time. STOP.THINK.LISTEN.Goodnight!

What does this Quoate mean to you?
To some, a friend is someone who has to earn your trust. To others, a  friend is someone you tell something too and expect them not to share it with anyone else. Or a  friend is someone who needs to measure up to certain standards so you can 'enjoy' there company.

 But I do not think that is what this quote is trying to say. This quote means that a friend is NATURALLY someone you can trust, or who you can tell your darkest secret to and KNOW that they would never tell a soul.A friend is someone who just FITS into who you are.
A friend is not something to be created BY you... It is someone who is created FOR for you. Somebody you can share your life with.Your love, your hurt, your secrets, and your desires. It is someone who is always there for you no matter what happens.

Did I mention that your friend doesn't even have to be a PERSON! Everyone has different kinds of friends. Some of which are animals. An animal will not interrupt you while your talking ,they wont go speading rumors about you, they always listen to what you have to say, and love being a shoulder to cry on.

A friend is someone that every person needs. No one needs a person or animal they need to change in order to want them around. So look around and see how much true friends you really have. Good friends are few,best friends are fewer, but picky friends are always the first to go.So Live Well, Laugh Often,Love Much.

     What this means to me is that you never know what God has in store for you. How you live your life is how you choose your friends. I believe that it means that friends are forever and it is always hard to leave them.
     I am a person that knows this better than anyone. I have tried so hard to keep my friends close over the years and it is very tricky. Sometimes I wish that I was a kid again, back going to high school. You think that every day is your day. You get to hang out with your friend’s all day and gossip. You think that when you go away for the weekend it’s the end of the world.

     Trust me I have been there. I have two amazing friends, that have been my best friends since grade 6 and we have never been apart since then. Up until two years ago we were attached at the hip, than I moved away. I moved all the way from British Columbia to Saskatchewan, and it ripped a hole in all of our hearts. This quote means a lot to me because I know how important friendship was for me. It helped me get through the long sleepless nights that I would cry myself to sleep. Having my friends just a phone call away meant the world to me.
     I know that it was very hard on them too but friends are forever and nothing will ever change that. Friends are born, not made. Keep them close and never lose sight of your endless love for them.
Have you ever thought of food as art before? I know I never did. But think about it, when you walk in to a subway restaurant what is on the wall. Huge canvas of food. Most people (unless you are a chef) wouldn’t think of food as art.

Indian Coconut Vegetarian Curry

Well I am here to show you that food can and is very much art. There is an art to making food, the presentation on it and in how it makes people feel when they eat it. I for one take pictures of food all the time. When I started to take photography more seriously food was the perfect subject. It didn’t move, complain and it always did what you asked, well most of the time. Once you get in to a habit of taking pictures of any/everything you develop and eye for it.

Breakfast Buffet

The same rings true for photography, scrapbooking and painting. When you document your life you tend to take pictures of the lot of things. It’s just how you take the picture that makes it interesting.
Fried Chicken, Orange pepers, Celery and Corn over Rice

For example you can take to ordinary people and give them a peanut butter and banana sandwich; they will take pictures of it how they think. And most of the times they will bring you back two totally different pictures. When I first started teaching my boyfriend how to use my camera he would take pictures I would never have thought to take. Putting two different people in a room, a photographer and a mechanic, their perceptions on things are diverse.
Peanut butter and Banana Sandwich

So I have come to the conclusion that if we come in contact with it, it can be art, it’s all in the presentation of it.
Have a wonderful night!

Hello Everyone.
Welcome to our first Blog about how to work with a Cricut. A Cricut is a machine used to create shapes, words and different layouts to use for your personal scrapbooking needs. This machine is so handy and practically does all the work for you with just a few clicks of the buttons.
Well I can't really tell you that it practically does all the work. I'm sorry to say that you still have to do the lifting, the laying and the pasting. But it does help to lighten the work load!
Let me start out by showing you a couple of Different Cricuts you can choose from:


The Cricut in the first picture belongs to Tamara. It is called the Cricut Expression Machine. It uses a 12"*24" or a 12"*12" mat to cut on.It's use of full size paper makes it great for making classroom decor, scrapbooking layouts and signs.
The second Cricut belongs to myself. It is called the Personal Electronic Cutter. It does the same things as Tamara's Cricut only my cutting mat is smaller and weighs only 7 lbs! There is a size button on the right hand side that let's me choose the size of what I'm cutting from 1"-5 1/2".
So basically our machines are the same. Only one can cut on a larger mat than the other. But it is your preference as to what you prefer :)
Now I would like to show you what one may expect to happen in their first stages of using a cricut.

When you first start you need to pick your shapes,sizes,and paper before you begin.(Your keypad in the first picture is where you would select what you would like to see on your paper).So for my example, I have shown what would happened if you loaded your cricut with the wrong paper.
You don't use regular scrapbooking paper in this machine. You need a kind of cardstock instead. Also make sure to set your cutter to the right pressure before you begin. As you can see...I neither set the right pressure nor did I use the right paper. So when I tried to remove my page away from my lettering to begin lifting the letters off my sticky mat the paper I used tore around it and the letters did not lift off . I outlined the word I was trying to lift in

So don't be discouraged if this is what has/does happen to you. Tamara has kindly sent me a picture to share with you as to what you can create when you have learned to master your cricut a little more!

Thanks Tamara!

The Possiblitlies are endless with the cricut machine.The more you practise the better you become.

Your main supply list for your cricut should be:

                    Vinyl-If you choose.
                    Cutting Mats
                    Color Inks
Well thats all for today. I hope to have a tutorial up and running for you by next week. Have a good Friday!
Here is a link for you to check out the Cricut styles and Accessories:
So today is our first blog post, of all the many to come. Tamara and I have decided to create this Blog to share our creative ideas with all of you. Everyone will be there to see us through our flaws and mistakes all the way up to the wonderful memories we come to create. So let me tell you a little about us...

Tamara and I have been friends since grade 5. We just love each other to bits. We have been through the good and the bad together. There have been many struggles in our lives but we have always pulled through together. But the one thing that brings us the closest is our need to Create. We both love to put the pieces together to create something wonderful.

Art and Scrapbooking do just that! It lets you create what you want with anything you could ever imagine. You can save your memories by pasting them to a single sheet of paper. You can take a plain white canvas and make it beautiful. You can put your memories from a family vacation, your graduation, or that movie ticket from the first date with the one you knew you would spend the rest of your life with. Or you could simply just make your house a home with your creations.

The possibilities are endless, and possibilities are exactly what we’re here to give you. 

So come.Create.Share. And just HAVE FUN!