What does this Quoate mean to you?
To some, a friend is someone who has to earn your trust. To others, a  friend is someone you tell something too and expect them not to share it with anyone else. Or a  friend is someone who needs to measure up to certain standards so you can 'enjoy' there company.

 But I do not think that is what this quote is trying to say. This quote means that a friend is NATURALLY someone you can trust, or who you can tell your darkest secret to and KNOW that they would never tell a soul.A friend is someone who just FITS into who you are.
A friend is not something to be created BY you... It is someone who is created FOR for you. Somebody you can share your life with.Your love, your hurt, your secrets, and your desires. It is someone who is always there for you no matter what happens.

Did I mention that your friend doesn't even have to be a PERSON! Everyone has different kinds of friends. Some of which are animals. An animal will not interrupt you while your talking ,they wont go speading rumors about you, they always listen to what you have to say, and love being a shoulder to cry on.

A friend is someone that every person needs. No one needs a person or animal they need to change in order to want them around. So look around and see how much true friends you really have. Good friends are few,best friends are fewer, but picky friends are always the first to go.So Live Well, Laugh Often,Love Much.

     What this means to me is that you never know what God has in store for you. How you live your life is how you choose your friends. I believe that it means that friends are forever and it is always hard to leave them.
     I am a person that knows this better than anyone. I have tried so hard to keep my friends close over the years and it is very tricky. Sometimes I wish that I was a kid again, back going to high school. You think that every day is your day. You get to hang out with your friend’s all day and gossip. You think that when you go away for the weekend it’s the end of the world.

     Trust me I have been there. I have two amazing friends, that have been my best friends since grade 6 and we have never been apart since then. Up until two years ago we were attached at the hip, than I moved away. I moved all the way from British Columbia to Saskatchewan, and it ripped a hole in all of our hearts. This quote means a lot to me because I know how important friendship was for me. It helped me get through the long sleepless nights that I would cry myself to sleep. Having my friends just a phone call away meant the world to me.
     I know that it was very hard on them too but friends are forever and nothing will ever change that. Friends are born, not made. Keep them close and never lose sight of your endless love for them.

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