I give this movie 4 Stars

Story line:  Set during World War II, a story seen through the innocent eyes of Bruno, the eight-year-old son of the commandant at a concentration camp, whose forbidden friendship with a Jewish boy on the other side of the camp fence has startling and unexpected consequences.

This movie was very interesting to me. On the one hand I really liked it although it was sad, and on the other I found myself angry that this sort of thing used to happen. It makes me furious to come to the realization that this sort of thing used to happen and was thought to be normal.

This movie although its message very strong, fell a little short when it came to other things. I found the movie very slow, although you couldn’t get rid of any parts because everything said needed to be there. I just felt bored, until the end.

*Spoiler Alert*

I hated the ending, how he ended up dyeing. It was just not fair, I was hoping that his father was going to get to him in time, but I knew that he wouldn’t. It is a very tragic tale, and I more than likely will not watch it again just for that fact. It is too sad and to maddening, it is just too hard to deal with the fact that things like that happened.

Don’t forget to smile!
       As a new Christian I have had to be more creative in learning to give myself to the lord, giving him my problems so he can bare my stresses and make me free.

“Don’t worry about anything” Phil 4:6

Everyone keeps telling me to give it to the lord. But I don’t know how to do that.
So being the crafter that I am I have created a box. So I can write down my troubles, worries or prayers and give them to him, by putting them in the box. 

 I think that it will help me to feel more connected to him and to lift all this worry away. I always feel awkward because if someone is here then I feel that it might be weird or even my honey; I know he doesn’t want to hear it. So this will fix that problem too!

Did anyone else have trouble praying when they first started? I am still finding it awkward to be talking to the wall…
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So on Monday I went to my first bible study session. I am not going to lie I was super nervous and about an hour before my stomach was aching. I am not sure why but the butterflies were going crazy!! I was getting to the point I was making excused not to go, but I did.
And I am so glad that I did, it was really fun. Getting out of the house and just being with people and getting to know them. There were 10 of us including the pastor and we read though Acts Chapter 2. It was very interesting to learn, and the girl beside me was amazing, she knew everything. We did a work sheet type thing and she was so nice to me and we worked together. I was very quite at the start but I started warming up right away it didn’t take me long. I will definitely go again, and I won’t be nervous.
Also remember this post, when I asked you to pray for my friend. Well the next day, after some very lovely comments I must add, I found this sign. They always have saying on the board but I never really look at them, but this one caught my eye.  It has stuck with me this week and I have been mulling it over. And it wasn’t until tonight I think I know why it has been in my mind.

When we used to live in our old house I used to take the bus all the time. There was this one lady that was always happy and smiley and loved to talk to me. A little while later I found out that she just lived across the street from me. We talked all the time and kind of became friends. Well a while back when I was still taking the bus, she got a new job as a dishwasher and a restaurant down town. We were talking about how she always works late and the buses don’t run here past 6pm, so she had to walk home from work at night. We live on the other side of town, I have done the walk myself and it takes me a little over an hour to walk it. I don’t know how she does it everyday.
Anyway, I was driving home from my friend’s house tonight and I saw her walking. At 11 at night!! So I stopped and asked her if she needed a ride. She was so grateful and thanked me over and over. I just kept thinking to myself, it’s not that big of a deal. But for her it was, it was -2 out and she had got off of work at 10, so she has already been walking for an hour. I was just so happy to see her again that it didn’t matter to me.
I think that’s the problem with people these days, they think if they do a good deed for someone that it’s going to waist there time. Or others just think about what they’re getting out of it. Hardly anyone will just do a good deed for someone out of the kindness of their heart.

Well I did and her smile was payment enough for me!!

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Last night I went to a Chocolate Extravaganza!  My Church’s Women's Ministries held a fundraiser for women in Haiti. Most people baked things or bought stuff to sell at the auction, it was amazing to see how creative people can be when it comes to chocolate. They raised almost $300, isn’t that amazing!!! As soon as I found out that I was going to go, I grabbed my camera headed out the door. I walked in and saw the table and just started clicking away.

Hope you enjoy the pictures. Sorry for making you hungry♥ 

This first picture are made out of Cake!!!! covered in Chocolate!

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I give this Movie 5 Stars.

This movie is based on a True Story.

Story Line:  
A car accident puts Paige in a coma, and when she wakes up with severe memory loss, her husband Leo works to win her heart again.

This movie could not have had a better cast, Rachel McAdams and Channing Tatum work perfect together. The chemistry that these too have in this movie is simply amazing and very believable. The one thing that kept running through my head the whole time was, I can’t believe this is a true story.

I will definitely be buying this movie as soon as it comes out! It has such a powerful message, that love can overcome anything.

These are the wedding vows they made to each other, its kind of the whole story line. Very powerful!

Spoiler Alert!!!
If you have not seen the movie then do not Go any farther!!!!!

Here are some of the most inspirational quotes throughout the movie.

Life’s all about moments of impact and how they change our lives forever. But what if one day, you could no longer remember any of them?

I need to make my wife fall in love with me again.

Paige: I hope one day I can love the way that you love me.
Leo: You figured it out once — you’ll do it again.

You accepted me for who I am, not who you wanted me to be.

I chose to stay with him for all the things he’s done right; not the one thing he’s done wrong. I chose to forgive him.

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Do I have the right to tell someone to do something if I don’t know the back story?

I met with my friend today; we haven’t seen each other in awhile. In passing, saying hello, but nothing more than that.
She asked me the other day if I wanted to hang out and of course I said yes. I have been hearing through the ‘grape vine’ that she really hasn’t been in a good place lately. And I wanted to get her side of the story and have a heart to heart. I am a “ready to jump in guns blazing” kind of girl when it comes to my friends. I will always have their back and give them advice even though I might not be qualified to do so.
Which brings me to my point, have you ever gone in to a situation with your mind made up about what you’re going to talk about? I went in with a mindset that “this” was bothering her, but in fact it was “that”. Man did I ever feel silly. That’s what you get from listening to the ‘grape vine’
So after I finally stopped talking and listened to what was really bothering her then that back story came to the surface.  She has been very stressed out about debt. She is one of the hardest working people I know; she works two jobs and most of the time on the same day. That would stress me out too, working 20 hours a day. And she feels that she is losing herself, she wanted to ask me what her hobbies used to be. That just broke my heart, I have been in that place and it’s really hard to get out of.
I have been having huge problems with this lately and it has been bringing me closer to God. In letting me step back and realize that he has a plan for me and I don’t have to worry about it. But with her it has torn her farther away from God. She used to be very religious and I was always the standoffish one, and it has seemed that we have switched.
I wasn’t sure what to tell her, I didn’t want to preach to her or have her feel award. Where is the line? Now I think I am the one that needs advice, What should I do….
I told her to just think happy thoughts and good things will happen.  To not look at the negatives but to try and find the positives no matter how bleak the situation seems. Like with debt don’t think about how much you have, focus on the fact that you made a $50.00 payment on it. Simple things like that, have been slowly changing me, I just hope it works for her.
I just kept thinking to myself, I need to pray about this, I need God to help her. Even though she doesn’t realize it, she is worthy. Jesus died for all our sins big and small and he loves all of us.
I ask you to help me pray to the lord today:

DearLord: I ask that you please shine your light on her and show her that she is worthy of your love. That you will help her to find herself again, Oh Lord. Help her with her debt so she can slow down and enjoy the wonderful life that you have blessed her with. Thank you Lord –Amen

Please send a prayer out to her today, and pray that she will let him back in to her heart again. Thank you everyone

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I want to thank everyone for their lovely comments, they were amazing!  I was crying practically the whole time. The love that went in to the comments and the love that reached out and hugged me is so over whelming, ohh here come the tears again. What a big family I have now. I am sure I will be taking up some of you on your offers for help and guidance. I am also going to have fun looking for all the music you sent me!! My iPod will be full in no time  I am so happy to know that there are others that use music like me.
One of my favorite comments about music: I'd recommend anything by Francesca Battistelli or Mandisa. Both have awesome, praise-worthy sing-a-long at the top of your lungs songs. –Jen
I can totally relate to this one, because I have Francesca’s album on my iPod and I so do that.
On another high note, I am feeling my life change right before my eyes. It’s wonderful when you finally step back and realize that God has a plan for you. You start looking at each day different and get excited about what you will read/learn next. Work has been awesome, my stress level has gone way down, and I am just loving life.
Also I am officially signed up for bible study! My first one is this Monday night! I am so exited everything is coming together.
I got a new hair cut tonight, I needed a change to go with all the other changes in my life and I cut it very short!! But it turned out so good I am in love with it.

I took this picture in the fall and i thought it would be perfect for todays post! I wanted to add this picture just because I feel like a new born in my faith and I am growing and thriving with the help of the people around me. So Thank you again everyone!

Don’t forget to smile!

I finally put my hand out and you know what happened…I was grabbed and embraced. I finally took the plunge that I have needed for some time now, I went to church.
This may sound silly to some people but I have recently, with some help from blogger friends, have decided to accept Christ into my heart. I didn’t grow up with anything remotely close to religion in my life, so when I told my hubby that I wanted to take this step he was set back a little. But he has been very supportive and understanding with the whole thing. However being new at all this I got side tracked and lost focus a few times, and he has always been the one to ask me if I have read my passage that day. What a hero I have.
Needless to say I have been putting of going to church for some time, only for the fact that I don’t want to go by myself. I had not stepped foot in a church since I used to go to youth group when I was still in high school.
So one day I go and pick up my honey from work, he turns to me and this is the convo we had…
Him: “So this Sunday you have a date with Zach’s mom?” {Zach is my honeys best friend}
Me: “Oh really”
Him: “You’re going to church! I was talking to her today and told her that you had been wanting to go to church and had been too scared to go by yourself. So she told me, to tell you that you have a date.”
Isn’t he the sweetest!

So on Sunday I went to church and it was the most amazing service EVER! I almost cried the whole time.
SIDE NOTE: I don’t know much about the bible, I know the basic. Adam & eve…and well that pretty much sums it up. I have watched movies, but let’s just say my knowledge is nil.

So after we were done singing {always been my favourite part} the guest speaker comes up and starts talking. And reading John 9, a man is born blind. I love how he explained it all and I could have cried.
“I was blind and now I see”
“Why this is an amazing thing! You do not know where he comes from, and yet he opened my eyes”
“I came into this world, that those who do not see may see”
And the way he described this part Ohh here comes the tears!
It was amazing and life changing. Since I have been going I have been reading my bible every night and listening to more Christian music just because I love singing. It is the way I communicate with him, some of its even educational :)
So thanks to wonderful friends here and in the blogging community I love so much, I have been able to be embraced with more love then I could have imagined, and I just love it.
I do you have any music that you like to listen to? I only know two right now that I am listening to. Tell me your favorites so I can try them out! I have a playlist on my ipod called Lovin my GOD, and I would love to fill it up. Let me know in the comments I would love to know!!!

Don’t forget to smile!

These are the lovely ladies that have helped me with every step that I have taken. Check out their blogs I know you will love them as much as I do♥

Farmgirl Paints


ALSO....My Church also videos their sermons, here is the video if you want to watch it♥

January 29th 2012 - Special Guests:Teen Challenge, with Rev. Steve Paulson from Moose Jaw Church of God on Vimeo.

Song in my head….  One Shot by Newsboys
In my window… are new green and purple curtains
I am thinking… that it might be time to go to bed
I am thankful… for friends
One of my favourite things… listing to music way to load
From the kitchen… I smell ham
I am wearing… pj’s
I am creating… a new art journal
I am going… to Regina with my honey tomorrow
I am wondering… it will be -20 again tomorrow, I hope not
I am reading… my bible
I am hoping… that Michaels will have nothing on sale so I don’t buy anything tomorrow or has lots of sales and I get a bunch of great deals
I am looking forward to… spending time with my honey
I am hearing… little snores from the bed room, as our niece sleeps
Around the house… is dark and as ready for bed as me
I am pondering… what tomorrow will bring
Plans for the week… plan healthy meals, go to the gym at least 3 times, drink more water

Don’t forget to smile!

Good evening everyone, so the day is winding down so it’s time to pop in a good movie and just relax. How about the movie UP? Have you seen it? It is very good, if you haven’t run to the store and rent it. It is an exceptional movie, filled with love and adventure, everything a good movie should have.

Here is the story line…

By tying thousands of balloon to his home, 78-year-old Carl Fredricksen sets out to fulfill his lifelong dream to see the wilds of South America. Right after lifting off, however, he learns he isn't alone on his journey, since Russell, a wilderness explorer 70 years his junior, has inadvertently become a stowaway on the trip.

However that doesn’t even begin to tell you anything about the movie. You really have to see it to judge for yourself..

I give this movie 5 stars because I absolutely love it!


If you haven’t seen this movie yet, stop reading now!!

In the start of the movie, there is about 9 mins of the most amazing love story, without any words to be said. It takes true talent to tell a story that meaningful in a way that they did.
After Carl’s wife dies however he is left alone, with nothing but a book of dreams. So he ties thousands of balloons to his house to make it float in the air. I so with this was possible.
Once they get to the island where he wants to have the house, he meets his old hero. Which turns out to be a crazy guy, but he makes for a good villain. I however love the dogs! Dug is my favourite character in the whole film.
Also love when Alpha’s voice changes, hahah so funny!
What did you think of the film? Who are your favourite characters? Leave me a comment I would love to know!

Don’t forget to smile!

Good Sunday everyone!

I hope everyone had a good week! This week has been full of choices for me. Some more complicated than others.

One thing that Skylar and I have been trying to work on is our health. It is very important and we need to start making it a priority in our lives. We always used to say to eat healthy is too expensive so we put up that wall and never aloud out selves to think otherwise. Now we have come to the conclusion, with help from our lack of money that we spend way too much. We eat out a lot and we never plan meals and always eat on the fly. We have money but we just through it right out the window as soon as we get it.

So we have talked about it and we are going to change our habits. With a little help from friends and the internet we are going to start taking care of our bodies. We only get one!

So with that said I would like your help and encouragement along the way, I need to be constantly encouraged or I never do anything “different”.

Here is a little tip I found on the internet today! Starting to plan meals is going to be the biggest problem for me, and this sounds so easy. Breakfast in a Jar I found it here at  The Kitchn 

I think I am going to try it next week. I will let you know how it goes and maybe you can try it too!

If you try this recipe let me know what you think.
Also what fruit do you like in your oatmeal?

Don’t forget to smile!