March 3rd 2011
In the poorest communities around the world, women and girls are often the ones tasked to collect water, firewood or other basic necessities of life. They walk on average 6 kilometres a day (approximately 8,000 steps) while carrying the equivalent of a suitcase. This leaves little time to attend school, access health services or earn money to support their families.

Yet CARE knows that when women and girls are empowered to tackle these issues, whole families and communities directly benefit. This is why CARE believes the empowerment of women and girls is instrumental in the fight against poverty.

To help break the cycle of poverty and in celebration of the 100th anniversary of International Women’s Day (March 8, 2011I’ve decided to join CARE Canada’s Walk in Her Shoes challenge. I will make a difference for women, girls and whole communities living in poverty around the world.

I will be walking 6 kilometres every day from March 2nd, finishing on March 8th (International Women’s Day) to raise funds to help fight global poverty. I need your support to reach my fundraising goal!

Taking part is easy, you can register as an individual or as a team and get your group, school or workplace involved in this national challenge.

To find out more and register today, click on one of these links:
Individuals & Groups           Schools      Corporations
Learn more, get fit and raise funds to help fight global poverty!

Please support my walk in her shoes challenge by making a donation today! 

All donations will go to CARE Canada to empower women, girls and whole communities to improve their lives and the lives of those around them. 

Together we can make a difference!

You will help communities earn a living, access education, health care, clean drinking water and so much more.
She has the power to change her world.
You have the power to help her do it.
He came and seen me at work and asked me if i go the job, i told him that i haven't herd and it didn't sound to promising. He leans in and says "She called me today!" BIG SMILE..."She DID and what did you say!!"

"I told her that Wal-mart is going to suck now, because your the only one who knows what your doing!"

That was Friday. I got the call saturday afternoon...

"Hello, Tamara?" yes i replied. "How would you like the job?" I would love it! "Oh, i wasn't expecting that, well thats  good its yours!"

I have now been working at my new job for three weeks now, and i couldn't be happier! 
I am a photographers assistant, which means a lot of things.
I will be able to do everything...

  • take portraits in the studio
  • run the lab, printing pictures
  • retouching photos
  • restoring photos
  • taking passport pictures
  • cleaning - like in every job
  • and new things i still haven't learnt yet!
I love learning new things everyday! It makes me feel so good. We booked a local basketball tournament, Hoopla, and i get to shoot that, which is awesome.

I love my job and everything about it! The studio is open Monday - Saturday 9:30-5:30. Its cant get any better that that!!