He came and seen me at work and asked me if i go the job, i told him that i haven't herd and it didn't sound to promising. He leans in and says "She called me today!" BIG SMILE..."She DID and what did you say!!"

"I told her that Wal-mart is going to suck now, because your the only one who knows what your doing!"

That was Friday. I got the call saturday afternoon...

"Hello, Tamara?" yes i replied. "How would you like the job?" I would love it! "Oh, i wasn't expecting that, well thats  good its yours!"

I have now been working at my new job for three weeks now, and i couldn't be happier! 
I am a photographers assistant, which means a lot of things.
I will be able to do everything...

  • take portraits in the studio
  • run the lab, printing pictures
  • retouching photos
  • restoring photos
  • taking passport pictures
  • cleaning - like in every job
  • and new things i still haven't learnt yet!
I love learning new things everyday! It makes me feel so good. We booked a local basketball tournament, Hoopla, and i get to shoot that, which is awesome.

I love my job and everything about it! The studio is open Monday - Saturday 9:30-5:30. Its cant get any better that that!!

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