The interview went great! I brought in a portfolio with a whole bunch of pictures, which really impressed her as well. We talked for another good half an hour and i went out of there smiling! She told me before i left that i was really high up there and she would call me to let me know if i got it or not.

     So a fews days went by and i was a totally different person. I was so happy and smiling all the time, everyone at work was noticing! I told everyone about my interview and everyone was so exited for me. A few more days went by with no call. I made sure i was charging my phone every night just to make sure i always had a good battery just incase she was going to call. Corny i know but thats what i do when i really want something.

     What is even more weird is i was thinking this whole time that, i have never wanted any thing so bad in my life! I have never seen something and gone after it this hard before which is weird to me. Ever since i started working at Wally world i have lost some of my go and get it attitude, and coming to that realization was a very hard thing to do. I have noticed hat there was something wrong but never did anything about it. Click on the label SMILE to see all the posts
Coming to this realization just made me want the job even more, i started not being able to sleep.

     That started Friday, I was at work a little depressed because it had almost been a week and i hadn't even got a call yet. I started going through my interview in my head over and over and over, thinking of all the things i could have said or should have said differently. I was getting my self all worked up.

Until my friend James came and told me some very good news! 

He came and seen me at work and asked me if i go the job, i told him that i haven't herd and it didn't sound to promising. He leans in and says "She called me today!" BIG SMILE..."She DID and what did you say!!"

Tune in tomorrow for the last part of the story!! Its gonna be good!

Hope everyone has a wonderful night, and a good sleep!!

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