Well today is the last day of the year and it got me thinking of all the things i had done and didn't do this year. My new years resolution is to Smile More! but i don't think i want to call it that because people always make new years resolutions and they keep them for about a week and thats that, so this year i am calling it my 365 day challenge!
Good bye 2010 and Hello to a brand new year!

This year the finances weren't as good as we had hoped, but isn't that the way it always works during the christmas season. You budget and budget but you always are left short, well thats the way it is on this side of the tracks this year. So we decided to be more creative this year, we have been doing things that don't cost alot of money and it had been working out for us. Me and my honey are happier and things have been going good.

For our tree this year we decided to do a love tree. I got this idea from Color Me Katie and i thought it would be perfect for us. We did it differently to make it our own. Has anyone ever noticed how expensive Christmas trees are? Well i sure did this year when the money wasn't there. So We decided to do something a little smaller but still unique to us.

And today, we went to my honeys farm and we shelved off the dugout and went skating. A few months ago my honey bought both of us new skates. Being a girl from BC i had never owned a pair of skates in my life so this was a big deal to me. So we spent 2 hours out there is the cold, it was sunny so it wasn't to bad, and it looked pretty good if you ask me. We put my skates on and I skated for about..... 30 seconds then we were done. By the time we had it all done it was getting dark out and we forgot the hockey tape for the ankles. Yea it wasn't that fun even that it was only 30 seconds. But we didn't give up on our skating dream and went to the rink for some good skating time. Note to self, however, wearing new skates hurts and not skating in 4 years in new skates hurts even more.

We had an awesome day though, thank you honey for the wonderful couple of days

I am so excited for the day that I get to be a mom. So this is the list I chose to share with you all. I hope you enjoy!
 Best Friends Are 4 Life!

I don't know about anyone reading this..But where I come from Best Friends are for life!
There is no playing games and talking behind each others back. No backstabbing, No nothing.
Just pure genuine 'Be there for you through thick and thin' friendship.

These 3 beautiful ladies... these are my girls.We have all been through so much together. We have been friends for almost 10 years now. Sure we have had our times where we thought about giving up on our friendships. But that was just immaturity getting in the way. You know you have really close friends when you fight and tell one another that you never want to be friends again...Then 5 minutes later want to phone them back and take back every word you said.

We havent done that for a while Obviously ... But you see what Im saying :D

Good friends are hard to find. But when you do there is no seperating you. Not even if one of them is 2 provinces away from you. Love you T.

I have been struggling with so much stuff lately in my life. People stabbing me in the back, Mending family issues, Struggling with self image issues, Issues with my job and with school and a whole bunch of other things. But my girls have helped see me throught it. They stand by me as I stand by them until the issue at hand is solved.

These ladies are the ones I turn to for help in everything I do. They are the biggest influences in my life and I love them to pieces. Without them and my wonderful boyfriend I would be lost in this world. They are the glue that holds me together.

So I guess what I want to say is thank you ladies! I love you all. Your my girls and you always will be!

To everyone reading this. Tell your Good friends how much you appreciate them and love them. Live everyday like its you last! So speak your mind. :)


                                                                                                               (ECE 4 Life :p) Hehe
Today we are doing a craft a little bigger than normal. 
The other day my friend told me that she was looking to do something new with her room. I showed her a link to  Color me Katie and she feel in love with what she saw.
So tonight we went to work, cutting out the shapes she wanted all different sizes. We are doing Green and Pink bubbles with Yellow stars above her bed!! So exited to see the result....
Stay tuned for and updated picture!

              Isnt this craft just adorable! And so easy to make!

All you need is a mini canvas (Dollar Store) Some paint and a paint brush. Oh and dont forget the ribbon to hang it with :)

        First paint the whole canvas the color you would like it to be.
Then dab your fingers in some white paint up to the top of your palm and then press onto the bottom edge of the canvas.

Then let your child (or yourself :P) paint your snowman onto the canvas.

And there you have it. A wonderfully easy craft and a new memory to hang on the tree every year.

Thank you to Ucreate (Facebook) For your wonderful craft ideas!

Enjoy Everyone!
Never Know What To Make With The Kids?

Well don't make anything...Just paint! Its simple.Cheap.Easy. N fun.
You just go to the dollar store and find some canvases with prints like these already on them.
Usually the paint already comes with them. So there would be no extra expense, Or else just buy the paints from the dollar store as well.

Here is one that Im working on. I am working on some paintings for my christmas gifts. Among other things...
The best gifts are the ones that come from the heart. You dont need to go out to disney world to make memories with your kids. Just stay at home and paint or do other crafts or games that bring the family TOGETHER <3
Those are the memories that count. So go on... Have fun. Its ok for a grown up to be a kid too :)
So my journey has come to an end with this challenge, and I am so glad. 
This Challenge was very hard for me and i failed at most of them... you might think that my goals were easy and maybe to you they would be. However for me i struggled a lot.
The only ones that i completed for the full 21 days were, the no eating at McDonalds and no pop.
Which is saying a lot considering i had this staring me in the face the whole time. While i am at work we use shopping carts for stock and it seemed that we always had this one in the lab! And pop while the lunch room everyone drinks it.
I think that these were easier for me because they were in my face all the time staring me down and i felt strong pushing back on them. But all the other ones were life style changes that apparently i was not able to make. I have however started going to the gym with my friend and i feel so empowered after i come out of there, soar but healthier. It does well for the nerves too, if your ever mad or having a bad day, work out at the gym for an hour or so. After that you will be to tired to complain and you will feel better. I just focused on a face and ran my little butt off.
I feel disappointed in my self for not being able to reach all of my goals but feel proud that i tried and did achieve some of them.
So just keep your head up and move on!
I think i will do this more often maybe then i will reach all of my goals!
Have a good night