This year the finances weren't as good as we had hoped, but isn't that the way it always works during the christmas season. You budget and budget but you always are left short, well thats the way it is on this side of the tracks this year. So we decided to be more creative this year, we have been doing things that don't cost alot of money and it had been working out for us. Me and my honey are happier and things have been going good.

For our tree this year we decided to do a love tree. I got this idea from Color Me Katie and i thought it would be perfect for us. We did it differently to make it our own. Has anyone ever noticed how expensive Christmas trees are? Well i sure did this year when the money wasn't there. So We decided to do something a little smaller but still unique to us.

And today, we went to my honeys farm and we shelved off the dugout and went skating. A few months ago my honey bought both of us new skates. Being a girl from BC i had never owned a pair of skates in my life so this was a big deal to me. So we spent 2 hours out there is the cold, it was sunny so it wasn't to bad, and it looked pretty good if you ask me. We put my skates on and I skated for about..... 30 seconds then we were done. By the time we had it all done it was getting dark out and we forgot the hockey tape for the ankles. Yea it wasn't that fun even that it was only 30 seconds. But we didn't give up on our skating dream and went to the rink for some good skating time. Note to self, however, wearing new skates hurts and not skating in 4 years in new skates hurts even more.

We had an awesome day though, thank you honey for the wonderful couple of days

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