So my journey has come to an end with this challenge, and I am so glad. 
This Challenge was very hard for me and i failed at most of them... you might think that my goals were easy and maybe to you they would be. However for me i struggled a lot.
The only ones that i completed for the full 21 days were, the no eating at McDonalds and no pop.
Which is saying a lot considering i had this staring me in the face the whole time. While i am at work we use shopping carts for stock and it seemed that we always had this one in the lab! And pop while the lunch room everyone drinks it.
I think that these were easier for me because they were in my face all the time staring me down and i felt strong pushing back on them. But all the other ones were life style changes that apparently i was not able to make. I have however started going to the gym with my friend and i feel so empowered after i come out of there, soar but healthier. It does well for the nerves too, if your ever mad or having a bad day, work out at the gym for an hour or so. After that you will be to tired to complain and you will feel better. I just focused on a face and ran my little butt off.
I feel disappointed in my self for not being able to reach all of my goals but feel proud that i tried and did achieve some of them.
So just keep your head up and move on!
I think i will do this more often maybe then i will reach all of my goals!
Have a good night

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