Do you ever find yourself saying “I love my life, I love my life” in a sarcastic voice.

Yesterday I had one of those ahh haa moments, as Oprah would say. I finally realized I have been talking all about me. With everyone that I come in contact with, me me me me me! What made me finally come to this conclusion you might ask, well it happened a few nights ago.
I was talking to my dad on the phone, and I was having a really bad day and I needed to vent. So I am talking away and talking and talking. So after about 45 minutes I decided it’s time to go to bed, so I say goodbye and hang up the phone. My honey then turns to me and asks me how my dad was doing, and I paused, and replied “I don’t know I didn’t ask.” How could I be on the phone with someone for that long and only talk about myself? A bell rings in my head and that’s when it started to sink in.
Fast forward a few days and I am having lunch with one of my very good friends from my old work. Were having lunch and talking and talking, he is almost finished his lunch and I have barely touched mine. A bell rings again. I pause and ask him how he has been doing. Have I become this self-involved? I am I so stressed out that I have to vent to everyone that will listen?
Now taking everyone back to last night… That bell has been ringing my head for a few days now, so loud that I can’t think to talk any more. So I went to my honey and I asked him what he thought about our conversation and actually listened to his answer and we had a very good discussion. Were laying in bed and I am just staring at the ceiling, when I break down. I am sorry I haven’t been listening and I am sorry for being so selfish. And this part is golden and totally made my night. He turns to me and says, “I knew you would come back, I just had to wait.” And then he kissed me good night.
How lucky I am to have a wonderful man like that, he understands and doesn’t get mad even when I am being crazy. Got to love him!
Don’t forget to smile!


  1. love love love this blog. I can totally relate. This is awsome. I have to like make a list of all the things I need to change because I seem to be bringing people down around me with just talking about the things that are bothering me in life and it needs to stop. Its like great minds think alike! Thanks for posting this tamara. I love it and starting tomorrow something is going to change!!!! -Tara

  2. Hi sweetie. Don't worry your pretty little head over venting. That is just one of the things Fathers get to do. Listening to you helps me with my problems as well. You are never alone; I can listen to you talk about anything, anywhere, anytime. You are my salvation !!


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