Have you ever wonder what you have been doing with your life? Like sat down and thought to yourself, “what have I been doing for the past three years?” Well I have been doing a lot of that, and came to a very sad conclusion. I have been in Saskatchewan for three years and I haven’t been anywhere. I have been to Regina a handful of times and Swift Current maybe 4 times at the most. IN THREE YEARS! But it gets worse. We were driving out to that lake the other day, because we both had the day off which is rare, and I realised we had never been. I looked at my honey and I said “We have never been to the lake, this is the first time” And that got me thinking…

How many places in moose jaw have I not seen? As we drove closer to the lake everything was different, I had never been to this part of moose jaw before. What is with that, Moose Jaw is such a small down and I haven’t even seen half of it. I am just starting to now know streets and how to get to someone’s house without Google Maps, how sad is that. Have I been so blind? Have I been that ignorant of my surroundings?

I feel like I have lost myself. I used to be so adventurous and would jump at an opportunity to do new things. Now I find myself always driving the same way home, taking the same roads. I stick to things I know and hardly try something out of my comfort zone. I have put myself in a bubble, and every day I put a new wall up and make it even smaller. I don’t look people in the eyes any more when I talk to them, or even really try to do anything with friends. However this month I am trying to change that!

We have had dinner with two friends this week and have went to the lake and just hung out with my honeys family. It really hit me that we have been so distant from everyone when Honeys Grandfather greeted us when we arrived at the cabin. “It has been so long since we have seen you, our house number is still the same you know, we haven’t moved!” Have we been so distant that even our family can feel it. I know my family deals with it, very well I might add, for they live in BC and I live here. I try to come home once a year but it hasn’t worked out in our favour as often as we have hoped. I have only been home twice and I know it hurts my mother the most but she tries to not let it show. I do love them and miss them a lot.
It’s time to burst my own bubble and start living my life, because time is flying by and I am falling further and further behind. Life is in the fast line and I am in the slow lane, the tortoise just passed me and I am losing the race. So here’s to getting my butt out the door and being a better friend to my friends.
Until Next time..
Don’t forget to smile!

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