This has been the busiest week of my whole life. Ok maybe a little bit of a stretch, but who can blame me. I told you about my friend Tara coming for a visit and I have been so excited to just have girl talk and catch up on gossip and such. But nothing really works out the way you plan.

Life is what happens while you’re busy making other plans
So the weekend before she is coming out she asks me if her and her boyfriend can stay at our house, and of course I said yes. But wait a minute; my house is so not ready for this. So the Monday morning I am on the bus and I get a phone call from my driving instructor. She is calling to arrange an in car and I am more than thrilled so I make an appointment for Friday. It wasn’t till I got to work that I realized that it was this Friday and Tara would be here. Not only did I schedule an in car on practically the only day we could hang out, but I also couldn’t get time off work. My boss’s sister is coming down for the weekend and she booked it off, which is good for her, she was/is so exited! But I am not complaining one bit because at least I get to see her and that’s what counts. So here is to staying up late even though you have to work!! Yey : )

11.Seeing old friends again
12.Laughing until you can’t breath
13.The good night kiss
14.Realizing you were scared over nothing
15.Complements from complete strangers

Don’t forget to smile!

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  1. Hi sweet thing. I just read a comment you left on my blog and wanted to talk to you about it. You said you wanted to know that kind of love I spoke about... how can I help you with that? Can I encourage or answer any questions you might have? I see that you follow my dear friend Becky's blog (isn't she lovely?) and she and I believe and think alike in so many things so if you're being inspired by her, you're on the right track... I'd love to talk more about your comment and find out where you are on this path... I can be reached at any time. Praying for you,
    Lemonade Makin' Mama


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