Today has been a day full of surprises for me! First I got to sleep in, then I checked my blog and had a beautiful comment that brought me to tears, and then I got inspired to finish a painting that I have been working on for over two months.

Surprises are good, I love them.

Recently I have come to the conclusion that I am ready to let the lord in to my heart and I have been struggling at where to start. There are so many questions I have and so many things I want to learn. I was reading the book of Romans the other day online (because I don’t own a bible yet) and I was having trouble understanding it. So I opened it up again today with the audio and read along. And for some reason it all made sense, I think that I was not really ready to read it the other day and that I was meant to read it today. Because I got to Romans 5 and got the eager to paint, so I closed everything on my computer and pulled out my paint. While I was painting the wording on I realized that what I wanted to write would not fit, so I got angry and pushed everything to the side and opened my computer. I read this post from a blog I am new to and have completely fallen in love with, Lemonade Makin Mama. And it was like she was talking to me, starring at me and giving me this advice herself. I have been focusing on all the things that are wrong in my life right now and not focusing on the little things that mean the most. I have been shaking my cup and only bad things have been coming out. As I sit here in my craft room and look around at all the beautiful things I have and how lucky I am to have this space all to myself. It makes me feel selfish for even thinking bad things about my life. I have a loving boy friend that gives me everything I need and more, a loving family that I don’t call as much as I should and still loves me. I finished my painting and it couldn’t have turned out better! I am very pleased with the way it turned out, so thank you for your advice.

I have been living with my eyes closed. I have recently read about this book called One Thousand Gifts and I can’t wait to read it! I have put it on my wish list on the Chapter’s website and I am hoping to be able to get it soon. I believe that when He thinks I am ready to read it I will receive it. But until then I am continuing my list, with Becky, and look forward to reading it one day.

Don’t forget to smile!

16.Finding new friends
17.Random thoughts of kindness that means a lot
18.Unexpected gifts
19.Clean blankets
20.The smell of your house when you finish baking cookies
21.Friends that text me every day, just to say hi
22.Finishing a long overdue painting
23.Finding inspiration from unexpected places
24.Organized shelves in my craft room
25.Being able to be wrapped with love when my honey hugs me
26.Country music

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  1. That is a beautiful painting. God's word is so amazing. It is truly the living breathing word of God that is why we can always go to it and hear what He has to say to us. Keep strong in your journey.



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