Sorry I have been a bad blogger lately but life is got me all in a spin. There seems to be way too much to do and not enough time to do it. Lots of things have happened and I am so excited to share..

I decided to get my hair cut, I needed a change. Do you ever feel like you have done all the hair styles you can with that cut and are now board of them? Well I do, as soon as my hair was long enough I started putting it in a pony tail and getting lazy. So I chopped it off again and changed the colour. My honey loves it when I have red hair, and our anniversary (more to come later) was coming up so I decided to treat both of us ;) It looks pretty darn good if I do say so my elf. I died it myself while honey was at work heheh When he got home he was very excited and so was I.

There has been a lot going on this week that has got me sort of stressed out so I started taking a little time for myself and having a cup of tea. It’s nice to have those few moments of alone time to just relax. I love the name of the tea it totally suits me this week!

I have been working by myself at the studio all week. There is a huge Power lifting event on all week from Tuesday to Sunday, and our studio was asked to take pictures! Isn’t that awesome, people from 29 different countries came to our little town and put on this amazing show. I didn’t get to go; someone had to run the studio while everyone was gone. What an amazing feeling of responsibility, that someone has faith in you to run the studio by yourself for a whole week, it was amazing. I got tones of work done and even more cleaning. I normally never have time to clean and I feel bad but this week I made time and I think the studio looks awesome. However, I have been lacking in my house cleaning this week. How wants to clean all day at work then come home and clean again...not this girl. Laundry has been piling up and so have the dishes, so today is the day! I need to get cracking on my house now because God knows that it needs some TLC.

Don’t forget to smile!

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  1. Having just read your last two blogs once again I must ask myself, 'When did she get so darn smart!' You are a talented loving soul that deserves nothing but the best that life has to offer you. You are wise well beyond your years!Never feel baad about having to take time for yourself; Skylar will understand. Being spiritual means being alive. Find solace in whatever you can. Nature is a beautiful thing and can bring much peace to your life. Your Grandmother was very religious and never seemed to let must things bother her because of her faith. That is what religion means to me. Having faith in yourself and those people you choose in life to share it with. There is a book called 'The Four Agreements' that I think you might like to read. It made an awful lot of sense to me. I too have been sitting on my butt far too long and need to get back to living. Please know that you are on my mind and in my heart for the duration. I LOVE YOU SWEETIE WITH ALL MY HEART.


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