Sometimes I look at a blank canvas and I see a picture, sometimes I can stare at a blank canvas for hours and see nothing. Well lately I have been inspired to go out of my comfort zone and try something new and different from what I am used to. I am currently working on a painting for the 10 year anniversary on 911. And I really don’t like using the word anniversary in that sentence because that word to me is happy, but that’s what it is. (More on that subject tomorrow)
Today was kind of unconventional in finding inspiration and I am so glad. I am “trying” a new idea. Using my photography as a Muse (I might say). We were on our way to Skylar’s dad’s farm and every time we drive by there is this little church. I must have a million pictures of it, it is so cute and I just love the way it looks. Well on the way out there today I looked at the  Church and I told Skylar to pull over I needed to take a picture. I do this all the time so it was not out of the ordinary for him. The lighting was perfect on the Church and I feel in love.
I had planned on painting out there today, it being so beautiful and warm. So I had brought all of my paint and everything I needed, including a new blank canvas. I am not very good at drawing so I normally stay away from painting real things. I once painted a barn and it was very bad, Skylar had to draw and try and fix it. I had drawn the ground to the edge of the barn so when it was done it was a floating barn. So I had to paint in hay bales to cover up the mistake.
This time however I had Skylar there with me and he was helping me with the drawing. He says I need to learn, and he is a very good teacher. He never once criticized me or grabbed the pencil to fix a mistake. So I 100% drew this on my own, with Skylar’s tips along the way.
Here are some pictures of how is coming along so far..Hope you enjoy!

I didnt have room for the Top of the Church which is my fav part but it kind of makes it my own now...
Don’t forget to smile!

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  1. looks great Tamara, hope you and Skylar are well xxx. Adam Graves.


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