Outside my window… the sun is rising and the wind is blowing

I am thinking… I will try to find my sweater before I leave
I am thankful… the air I breath and the one who gave it to me
One of my favourite things… tea in the morning
From the kitchen… a hot cup of tea is calling my name
I am wearing… Jeans because its Friday and a blue shirt
I am creating… a church painting-that I haven’t worked on in a few days :s
I am going… to work
I am wondering… if I will be able to get tomorrow off for my driver training class
I am reading… One thousand gifts
I am hoping… that I will be able to do this  course and take my road test next week
I am looking forward to… driving
I am hearing… the sound of the bird feeder hitting the window in the wind
Around the house… is a mess
I am pondering… why does God test me so…

Don’t forget to smile!

52. My cat always knowing when something is wrong and comes and cuddles
53. Being taught to draw by my boyfriend
54. My WORKING car
55. Summer
56. Finding out something new and unexpected out about a friend

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