I found this wonderful blog tonight and I knew that I had to join her on her creative journey. I am very bad at keeping up with my sketch book, there for my painting have been nil. I have been trying to find my grove, creating my own creative control. But it has been hard, and I never knew where to start, until now!
When I found this blog I was glued to my screen and found myself going from post to post until I reached the end of the page. I grabbed my sketch book and I decided to try something new. I haven’t used watercolours in awhile so I totally forgot that I needed water colour paper, so my painting is all wavy. I am just going to call it an artistic mistake.
I intend on following her blog and learning as much as I can from her. Her tips are amazing! I will need to invest in a watercolour sketch book, and then I’ll be on my way!
Here are some photos!

Not completely done yet! Stay tuned for more pictures and how the rest of the lesson went.

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