Today will be my 100th blog post. I am so excited to have finally made it to a mile stone in blogging. Yey me!
I thought about what I would post for this post but nothing seemed right. So I decided on this a special day for my blog I would treat it (and you of course) to something nice. I have decided to make Mondays: Movie Monday.

I love movies, I love watching them crying to them, laughing with them, well you get the picture. I am the proud owner of over 355 movies. (I have a list!) You could say I am a collector (that would be the nice word for it) but to tell you the truth I am addicted to movies!  I love all kinds of movies; of course I love romance, drama and true stories. However I also like horror movies, comedy, fiction and fantasy.
I can be very critical of movies, and this is where this post will come in. I watch movies almost every night, I am the one that if I have seen it and you haven’t, you better tape my mouth shut. I love watching good movies over and over and some I could watch every day without ever stopping.

When I was younger, I remember watching Dirty Dancing with my sister for a week straight. My mom rented it and had to take it back just for us to take it out again. We watched it over and over and the only time we had a break when it was rewinding so we could watch it again. Yes I know that makes me sound old, VHS was so awesome. I remember my first movie I ever got, Beauty and the Beast; I think my mother still has it. And my all time favourite movie is Mary Poppins, which I own the collectors addition of.
Anyway, where I am going with this is, I am 100% movie nerd and I am not afraid to admit it. And I am going to start sharing another one of my passions with you, right here on my blog. So I hope you will enjoy it, and maybe you can watch some great movies along with me!

Hope everyone is having a good night! And thank you for sharing this special day with me J


Don’t forget to smile!

79.   blogging
80. crossing something off my bucket list
81. Photoshoots with friends
82. fall leaves
83. the telephone

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