Here is a song to listen to while you read, if you want!

Today is just going to be mostly pictures! I hope you like them
Today I decided to make a new kind of Cupcake. TIE DYE
Step one: get everything you need

Step two: mix it

Step Three: pour in to different bowls and add food colouring to each different bowl, and mix

 Step Four: pour a little of each colour in the bottom of the cups
 Step five: layer each colour over the other colours
Step six: take a tooth pick and swirl it around to mix the colours together. Don't mix to much or colours will blend together

Step Seven: cover with white icing to leave the colours a secret then...


Tonight is also Date night with my honey! We haven't really spent any time with each other this past week. So i made dinner and cleaned the house and were going to have a nice supper and watch a movie! Sounds good to me♥

I also got this new shirt for work, its so nice. I don't really have anything white so i am kind of scared of staining it. Well see how it goes i guess!

Hope everyone had a good day, and have a wonderful night!
Don’t forget to smile!
61. Music that sings to my soul
62. A clean kitchen
63. The smell of fresh brownies
64. the internet that teaches me now things everyday
65. tie dye cup cake
66.  spending time with my honey
67. the way my house smells while I am baking

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