This week was my Honey and I’s 5 year Anniversary! Wow 5 years, I can’t believe that it has been that long. It seems just yesterday…

September 1st 2006, seems so long ago that I meet my wonderful and handsome man. But feels like yesterday the first kiss we ever shared. I remember the first day we meet, and if you were to ask him he could tell you exactly what I was wearing. Those kinds of things just amaze me, the little things that he does that just makes my day completely. When I am mad, he won’t stop saying I love you until I say it back and mean it.

The way he wakes me up in the morning before he leaves for work just to tell me he loves me.
Five years! Five long but short years; building a life together and growing up with each other.
This year we both had to work but speed off to Regina as soon as we done and went to dinner and a movie. Kickin it old school! It was so nice to just have time together away from home to just be with each other.
Happy 5 year Anniversary to us!

Don’t forget to smile!

27. Having an amazing hair dresser
28. Pickles
28. Date night
29. Having fresh clean air to breath
30. Movies that make you laugh so hard it hurts
31. Hot showers
32.  Hot tea
33. Alone time
34. Books
35. Waking up in the morning and having another day to live
36. Very helpful driver trainer
37. Loving boy friend that isn’t afraid to tell me he loves me
38. A boss that trusts you whole heartedly

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