Outside my window… the sky is a wonderful blue as the sun is slowly setting
I am thinking… of way to many things at once
I am thankful… for a wonderful Dad that listens to me when I need him and subscribes to my blog so he doesn’t miss a post
One of my favourite things… Yellow Paint
In the kitchen… are some dishes waiting to be cleaned
I am wearing… my PJ’s of course
I am creating… a painting for Sept 11th
I am going… nowhere!
I am wondering… what to have for dinner
I am reading… One thousand gifts
I am hoping… that I get my road test booked soon
I am looking forward to… driving myself to work and not having to take the bus and crazy people ask me if I want to play checkers with them.
I am hearing… the fan buzzing in my ear
Around the house… is quite
I am pondering… what to paint next
Plans for the week… laundry, dishes and painting!

Don’t forget to smile!

39. My wonderful daddy
40. Lazy days at work where you get lots of work done
41. Blogs that make me smile
42. Hot lunch
43. being able to help my friends even when they are far away
44. My over protective mother
45. My little, but growing too fast, sisters
46. Finding old photos

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  1. I should start a list... who evers blog your following for these...keep it up :) -Tara


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