Have you ever thought of food as art before? I know I never did. But think about it, when you walk in to a subway restaurant what is on the wall. Huge canvas of food. Most people (unless you are a chef) wouldn’t think of food as art.

Indian Coconut Vegetarian Curry

Well I am here to show you that food can and is very much art. There is an art to making food, the presentation on it and in how it makes people feel when they eat it. I for one take pictures of food all the time. When I started to take photography more seriously food was the perfect subject. It didn’t move, complain and it always did what you asked, well most of the time. Once you get in to a habit of taking pictures of any/everything you develop and eye for it.

Breakfast Buffet

The same rings true for photography, scrapbooking and painting. When you document your life you tend to take pictures of the lot of things. It’s just how you take the picture that makes it interesting.
Fried Chicken, Orange pepers, Celery and Corn over Rice

For example you can take to ordinary people and give them a peanut butter and banana sandwich; they will take pictures of it how they think. And most of the times they will bring you back two totally different pictures. When I first started teaching my boyfriend how to use my camera he would take pictures I would never have thought to take. Putting two different people in a room, a photographer and a mechanic, their perceptions on things are diverse.
Peanut butter and Banana Sandwich

So I have come to the conclusion that if we come in contact with it, it can be art, it’s all in the presentation of it.
Have a wonderful night!

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