Halloween is upon us once again, time to hang the skeletons and mount the witches. I have always loved this time of year, but then again I love doing crafts and decorating my house. I think that’s my favourite part besides seeing all the costumes that come to your door. Last year my honey and I whet all out, bloody hall ways and red light bulbs. This year was a little bit different, our nephew and niece are getting older now and wanted to help. We let’s just say that everything went from inside the box to on the floor beside it. Only some of our stuff when up this year, here are some pictures from last year, me and honey didn’t have enough time this year to put everything up.

Here are some pictures hope you enjoy!

this guy plays creepy Halloween music and bats fly around his head
 This guy we got in Regina at San Francisco. This is a Candle holder.
We also got this guy at San Francisco. He is an incents holder. 

I love this guy! We put him above our TV and we put the blood on him our selves.

Our Fridge, we had to tape the handle so we wouldnt rip him when we opened it.

Our dart board, we put the black light above it, it looked so cool.

This is Poop on a stick! Chocolate rice crispys with a stick in them so you could eat it without making a mess!!

This is Jack Skellington. From the nightmare before Christmas and his ghost buddies!!

This was the pumkin that i carved last year, I also did a Jack Skellington one aswell

Have a Happy Halloween!! I hope you have fun making your house scary!!!

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