So today is our first blog post, of all the many to come. Tamara and I have decided to create this Blog to share our creative ideas with all of you. Everyone will be there to see us through our flaws and mistakes all the way up to the wonderful memories we come to create. So let me tell you a little about us...

Tamara and I have been friends since grade 5. We just love each other to bits. We have been through the good and the bad together. There have been many struggles in our lives but we have always pulled through together. But the one thing that brings us the closest is our need to Create. We both love to put the pieces together to create something wonderful.

Art and Scrapbooking do just that! It lets you create what you want with anything you could ever imagine. You can save your memories by pasting them to a single sheet of paper. You can take a plain white canvas and make it beautiful. You can put your memories from a family vacation, your graduation, or that movie ticket from the first date with the one you knew you would spend the rest of your life with. Or you could simply just make your house a home with your creations.

The possibilities are endless, and possibilities are exactly what we’re here to give you. 

So come.Create.Share. And just HAVE FUN!

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