Do you ever get those days where you just feel...... Blue.I get those days all the time.Its called PMS.
Ok but no seriously, everyone gets those days....Sometimes there not even days. There weeks or even months. Every person you see around you has days where they don't think there gonna make it to the next morning.
Learning to dance in the rain doesnt mean that you need to run outside and get drenched and catch hypothermia when you are having a hard time.It means, think about what the problems are that are causing you to feel this way or to be trapped in this inconvinient time in your life. It means, Keep your head UP! Show the world that nothing can bring you down. Your mind is a powerful tool. If you tell yourself you can make it through the rough patches in your life you can make it through anything!YOU are an incredible person! YOU control your life!YOU control the people in it! YOU control whether you can be happy or not! YOU are amazing!So hold your head up high and show everyone that your not gonna let the people or issues in your life get to you.Love yourself first and others will follow.

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