I know right.... Birthday cards are easy.... What was this girl thinking making a tutorial on that!
All you have to do is fold a piece of paper write Happy Birthday on the front and then scribble on the inside and stick it to the present right... WRONG! lol

When you really get into crafts, art or scrapbooking (though you may not believe it at first) you will get very touchy about the way you put everything.
First : You need to pick your paper. Of course its gonna be the best colors you have in your book especially when its for a good friend of yours!

Then...For those of you who have a Cricut, you can cut out your lettering for your card. For those who don`t.... Im sorry but your going to have to trace all your letters onto a page and then cut out the shapes until you just dont want to cut anymore.

Then you need to pick your paper that you want to layer on your card. Pick out the stamps you want to use and what ink colors will go along with your page!

Here I have layed my lettering where I want it all to go on my second page (it is ok to be simple people) it doesnt always have to look like crayola threw up color all over your page! haha

Always always always lay out your page how you want it before you start glueing down anything. Here is my final product for the first page. Its quite simple and very beautiful I think. Everyone has there own preferences though.

And here is the inside. Its short and sweet.

Well Thanks For Checking It out. I hope you all have a good night!

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