Welcome back crafters!
Today we are making Snow Flakes out of paper! They are my favorite holiday craft and i make them every year and i put them in my house and give them as gifts as well.

Construction paper
Glue gun
Glitter glue

You can use what ever colours of paper you want, You will need 6 sheets. If you do decide to use two you will need 3 sheets of each colour. 

Take your sheet and fold the bottom left hand corner up until the right bottom corner is level in a nice straight line. Then cut off the left over at the bottom then you have a triangle.

Take the two ends and fold them together so that you are left with a piece of paper that looks like half of a triangle.

Now draw a line (with a pencil) on the spine of the triangle about half an inch from the spine and then draw three lines around 2 cm apart. Start measuring from the longer edge of the triangle so there is more space between the corner and the third line.
Now cut on the lines but stop when you get to the spine line, if you go past it will not work.
It is was easier if you make all 6 trangles and have them ready, you will be able to put them together much faster.

So make 6...Then we will start construction.
You can start heating up your glue gun now...you can use school glue if you are doing this craft with children or even a stapler but glue looks the best!

First fold the middle in, so both half's over lap, put some glue in between and hold. Then flip it over to do the next flap then glue. Then flip it over again and glue the next flap and so on.
Build all six at once (one after another) before you continue...

The next step is to put all the pieces together. Grab the ends of the paper and put them together so that they kind of fit. Its hard to explain but so they are all the same way and they will fit together nicely. Once you have all of them together take the stapler and staple them together, this makes the middle of the snow flake.

Once you have stapled them together you must glue all of the pieces together. Pull them together and join them by the middles of each one. Then its done! you have a paper Snow Flake. Add a hook or piece of string to the top and hang it from where ever you like. 

 If you want you can add the glitter glue to it and add some shine. Use different colours to make it stand out, make it your own. It may sound complicated but it is not, and once you make a few you wont even have to measure anything you will just do it, i know i do! Its is very easy i was taught by a grade 3 class how to make these when i was doing work exprence. Give it a try and tell me what you think, if you try it out send us the link so we can see your creations!

Have a Wonderful Holiday! And remember crafting is about having FUN♥

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