Hello Crafters!
Welcome to another addition to craft Thursday! Today I did a Christmas craft, it is time to get ready.

You will need:
I got all of the supplies at the dollar store
Wooden base
(any size or shape you want)
Wooden letters
Acrylic paint
Paint brushes
Hot glue gun
Paper towel

Sparkle paint

 Make sure you cover up your work place because it can be messy. The first thing I painted were the letters, I found that it you painted the sides and then let them dry before you painted the top it was less of a mess. I used paper towel to dry my letters but it proved to be more work doing it that way. I had to rip them off the paper towel and then pick off the extra that had stuck, so I would dry them on a counter, table or something like that.

 The next thing I did was paint the outer circle of my base. I coloured it green and with most acrylic sets of paint, green is not one of them. It’s because green is not a base colour so to make green you use yellow and blue. After that was dry I placed the letters on and drew a circle where I was going to draw my picture, that way I was sure not to go where the letter were going to be. 

After I drew the circle i painted my design in the middle. Three snow men, One girl one boy and one kitty. Because my family is just the three of use. You can change the design to fit your family and customize it how ever you would like. After my picture was done i painted white around the outside of the circle. After that I used my sparkle paint and covered the white very thoroughly. Then I painted the sky behind the snow men and then the snow men them selfs. After the inner circle was complete i added my snow flacks to the sides, I out lined a wooden snow flack that I bought, on both sides of the circle.

Next I placed the letters on the base then I glued on the letters one by one and made sure I had them where I wanted. Then I used white paint and drew lines in the flacks and added sparkle paint to them afterwards. 

Then let it dry and there you have it!
Your very own Christmas Family Portrait.
Hope you have fun doing this craft, I know that I did!

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  1. very cute!
    i can tell you had a really good time being creative.
    i love to make stuff with paint!


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