So I thought I would share an important piece of Mine and Tamara's lives.
Well...Here they are!

Tamara & Skylar

John & I

Just like every other girl in the world, we have dreamed for years about someone coming into our lives and sweeping us off our feet, just like Prince Charming.
Well it took many years of waiting,dreaming,heartbreaks, giving up on love, and weaping floods of tears, wondering why our prince hasn't come to rescue us.
When we met them we just knew they were the ones we wanted to spend the rest of our lives with.

But the problem was that they lived so far away. So then the worry sets in...
When will I see him again? Is he gonna cheat? What if things don't last?

These are the thoughts that cross every girls mind whether there man is near or far until they can really see the commitment shine through.
Well ladies [and gents] this is where the TRUSTING part of your brain should set in. If you dont give them the benefit of the doubt, then mabey the worst is what is in store for you.

Im sure many of you can relate to us. Some of you may even still be with your man/woman as well. Good for you! :)
As for the others... your probly saying to yourselves "Why the heck is this girl writing about all this?".

Im writing to give you Hope. Hope that there is someone in this world for everyone. That person could be the one you met online, or your next door neighbor, or your best friend. Dont get yourself all upset because you cant find your true love yet. You cant find love, because love finds you.

So sit back and relax. Your time will come. Just remember... the longer you wait the more memories you will share about the journeys you took along the road you walked to find the one you love.

Live With a Happy Heart.

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