So am I the only one who struggles to keep up with her inner and outer beauty? I think NOT!How many of you see these woman and think to yourself...... Why can't my face look like that? Or wow she is so lucky she has a figure like that one, I soooo wish my thighs could be as small as hers!

All woman say these things to themselves. We see these kinds of girls in magazines,newpapers,concerts,t.v and even walking down the street. And all we can think is " I wish I could be like her" or "I wish I could look like that". So we try and we try to do exactly that. We go on diets.We starve ourselves.We buy clothes that are over our buget to keep up with the trends. We plaster ourselves in make-up. But at the end of the day we still just feel like ourselves and feel like we have gotten no where. Then we put ourselves down and start all over the next day. All because of what the media tells us how we should be. When do we draw the line.

Look at this picture. Well we all know Jessica Alba is a very beautiful woman and Im sure she feels very blessed to have the beauty that she posseses. But really, how many woman can wake up in the morning and have time to look like this every single day. You can see just by looking closely at how much makeup she has on for this shot. But in our heads we think "Omg she is sooooooo pretty ". We dont stop to think about all the makeup shes wearing, or the lighting this picture was taken with, or the hour it took for SOMEONE ELSE to do her hair and what expensive NewYork jewler they had to run too to get those earrings.

For most of these girls. If they didnt have hollywood people dressing them up and printing the best pictures of them on t.v and in the magazines they would probly look just like us. We need to stop beating ourselves up about how we need to look. Everyone is wonderfully and uniquely made. Love youself for who you are and not what the world wants you to be. When you start loving yourself that is when the world is going to see how beautiful you really are. So go look in the mirror and say " I am beautiful, I am unique, I want to stand out because Im ME!"I hope this changes the thoughts of some of you ladies. I hope you think differently about yourselves or are going to try to turn over a new leaf. So go on.... I DARE YOU! :)

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