Today is a new day! Today is a a perfect time to get a new look at my challenge. I was reading a magazine on how celebrates keep there nice toned bodies and i was reading this one article and i just thought it was fantastic. I tried to find the article but sadly could not.
The Article is called...

Jackie Warner explains how to
Think yourself Thin
She reveals 4 secrets to achieving an A-list body

1. Set and Empowering goal
"Set a athletic goal, not just a weight loss goal, sign up for a 3k or 5k." Working towards a goal builds self-esteem and shifts the focus from how many pounds are on the scale to how far you've come on your journey. "Your goal becomes more about living a healthier, more fit lifestyle and less about a jeans size, which is very empowering."
2. Redefine pleasure & pain
"You see cupcakes, think 'thats going to taste good' and associate it with pleasure. But i visualize myself becoming unhealthy and you know what? they're not appealing to me anymore. I have learned to see exercise as pleasure. It makes me feel strong and sexy. Everything in life you sort of have to put in those two categories." 
3. Stop Self-loathing
"if you consistently fixate on your flaws you start to hate your self and feel unworthy of the dreams you have, its creates a vicious cycle." Instead set small, attainable goals- like drinking more water each day- and celebrating when your goal has been reached. "Even small steps lead up to the big picture, and you gain confidence to keep going."
4. Remember that giving up is going backwards
"Giving up is not only about failing to move forward, it's also going backward, toward unhappiness." Remind your self how much positive change you have created, look at how much healthier you are. "Look at all you have altered and know that you have the power to keep moving forward."

You Deserve to Feel GREAT!
This article helped me I hope it helps you too!

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