Well not a REAL turkey of course!
But a festive turkey to decorate with for Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Or just any day that your family has the wonderful excuse for cooking a yummy meal !

First you need to start off with the feathers. You want each of them to be at least as wide as your thumb and shape them as you see above. The need to be at least....7 cm. Apart. So you have enough room to glue on end without shortening your feathers.
Next. Cut out 2 squares with rounded edges for the body. My squares are about 16 cm tall by by 14 cm wide. Then for the neck and head you want to cut out an hour glass kind of figure and draw 2 little eyes at the top with a sharpie or a black felt.

 For the beak i just used a piece of yellow scrap paper and shaped it into a rounded off triangle. I dont know how to explain the red piece to you but im sure you can get the general idea of it :) Then add a bow tie.

Then you glue all the colorful pieceto the back of your brown paper. Glue on the neck piece and glue all the rest of it down and there you have it. A cute little "Gobble Gobble" as I like to call em :)

Then there you have it!!!!

 Oh and p.s this is what it was suppose to look like from the Ucreate tutorial I got it from. This one is made from wood and popsicle sticks. :)


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