Well Its Like a Quote ;)

So tell me... what do these words mean to you?

For me this is what they mean:
Kindness-  Sharing your heart with someone.
Love- Giving your heart to someone!
Trust- Sharing your secrets knowing there safe with the person whom your sharing.
Honest- Never lieing to the ones you love.
Finding all the Joys in your life worth living for.
For some this means the opposite:
Kindness- The people around you ignoring who you are.
Love- When you gave all you had to him/her and they threw it all away.
Trust- The whole school knowing the one thing you thought your 'friend' would never say.
Honesty- Lieing to yourself.
Knowing that if tomorrow ended you would be in a better place.

Some of you are probly thinking... why did she say it like that....I thought this was a quote...
Well think about it. Are you the same as me? No. Do you know that person passing you by on the street? No. Do you all know what the other is thinking? No.

So why not put my blog like this... All of us are different. We all have our own ways of thinking. Some are good and some are bad. But the answers I hope your looking at are the OPPOSITES.

Now sit back and think.... Why havent you talked to that girl in your class, who sits alone in the back of the room? Why didnt you speak up when someone called that boy a foul name? Why are you passing by the people in this world who need you most?

Step out of your comfort zone and speak up. Dont be like the rest of the world and sit back and watch it fall apart.
Not all quotes are the same. But quotes are ment to make you think....
So think deeply. Act wisely. And Be The Change.

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