This is todays Quote:
I really like this quote because I believe that it can be used in so many ways. I always think about Recycling. The better you take care of the earth the better it will be for everyone as well as  other generations. Everyone needs to do there part to take care of our loving plant, we only get one! If everyone does one small thing they will add up to a bigger thing and bigger, and so on. Did you know that if every Canadian used just ONE roll of recycled tissue it would save 45,000 trees a year?
When we know better we can do better!
Food for thought....
Did you know that when you leave the tap on when you brush your teeth you waste 13 liters of water per minute?
A single tree can take between 50-100 kilograms of carbon dioxide out of the air in a year and  produce three-quarters of a human's oxygen need's. 

Leave a comment and tell us what you and your family are doing to save our planet. 

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