Tis the Season! for christmas decorations, nice dressed trees and christmas baking.
I am new to the whole baking scene and this was my first time ever cooking gingerbread men. Last year I tired to cook sugar cookies because they are my favorite christmas cookies, and it turned out very bad. I did not know there was a difference between butter and margarine, no one ever told me. Not even the dog would eat my cookies :( But this year i knew better!! Today we made Ginger Bread Men and Sugar cookies. The Ginger Bread Men said it would make 16 cookies and this is all we got :S they are very fat tho.

 Ginger bread men!!
Complete with the gum drop buttons

I invited my friend Marissa over and we had so much fun baking.
 Proud bakers ..... Super cute aprons from the dollar store

Hope every one has fun baking this year! Send us a link so we can check out your baked goods!

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