We started our journey at about 11 and we were both very hyper to be going away for the weekend. We have not done that in a very long time. The roads were pretty good and it was a nice drive just the two of us.

He was looking right at me!!

 Took some pictures along the way. ^^ Thought it was awesome he was looking at me as we drove by, i was just busy taking pictures and didn't even notice. We did a little shopping when we got there, we went to the mall and browsed more than anything. The only thing we bought was a couple t-shirts. The other days consisted of more shopping... but thats another story.....
I didn't take very many pictures while we were there, to much time having fun!
But here are some i did take...

This is there version of a sled ride

This was after he came inside.
He was so red and he had ice frozen to his face!
I couldn't have done it, way to cold out side

Love this picture, they were all looking at me!

I love this lap!

Awesome weekend babe!

Hope everyone else had a good weekend too!!

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