Here is the newish addition to the Lost my Smile collection

Today i had another encounter with fate, well i think its fate. I was at work today and a customer, and older gentleman asked me a question and this is how our conversation went...

"Hello miss and you please tell me where stationary is?"
I smiled, pointed to where it is and i said "just right over there"
he looks me right in the eye and says
"Thank you very much,
you have such a beautiful smile"
pause from me, "Well thank you!"
and he walked away

Every where i go this word follows me. There is not getting rid of it, not that i want to or anything. Its just so weird that out of all the things he could have said he commented on my smile... it makes me think

I think someone is trying to tell me something....

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  1. Keep SmiLinG girl!! I think synchronicity is Divine....really!!


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