On Monday i had a dream about a painting i wanted to do. When i woke up i turned to Skylar and told him my idea, he said well do it then. So got up and started doing my normal day off routine. I read Becky's blog, Meg's Blog, Aimee's Blog and then of course i go to Fb.
But something was different, i pulled out my sketch book and typed in how to draw a face in google. I started drawing and it turned out bad, i wont even show you a picture. So flipped to a new page and i typed in how to draw eyes. Tried one, didn't work out and i came across anime eyes. And i started to draw and fell in love with it. I took a piece of tracing paper and i traced the eye, flipped it over and drew the other eye.
I saw this and i feel in love!! Then i went to google again and typed in curly hair. Google is now my best friend ever! You can find anything on there. And Inspiration hit me!
So i started drawing...
I started out with this kind of hair, but quickly changed my mind

 This was the test hair picture before i started adding detail

This is the Finished product! I am so pleased the way it turned out

I must have been sitting at my desk for at least 2 1/2 hours at least!
As soon as i finished i knew that i wanted to paint it! I called my friend Tracy and asked her if i could use her projector, she said yes of course! Love her! So we drove up to Staples and got it put on to a clear sheet of paper for the over head projector. On our way back i was talking to Skylar and i said to him, i think that a art demon {In this case angle of art} had possessed me today, because when i stared i just couldn't stop. I sat there and painted and painted till about 1:30 am until i finished it! It was worth all the time.

Finished product

I posted this picture last night on my FB account and i had an overwhelming amount of comments of people saying that they love it. One comment that got me the most was my friend Wallace, he is a painter too. He said...
Artistic expression is a liberation of the spirit. Nice work my friend, be well.
It was absolutely surreal to see this dream come to life

Hope you like it! Leave a comment and tell me what you think!

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