My honey and I have a cute kitten named James Bond. He was a graduation present from my honey, wow 3 years ago! He got his name because when we first got him he was so rambunctious and always jumping round doing flips. I wish i could have got a video of that. Now he is just kind of lazy. He had an operation awhile back on his bladder and since then we have had to feed him special food and he gained weight. We have always tried to buy toys for him to play with and he never gives any of them a second look. I bought him a stocking last year with tons of toy but he never touched one of them. So we gave up for a long time, but last march i brought him a environmentally friendly toy mouse that squeaks when you touch it or move it, thinking he would like that better, sadly not. Over time we have thrown out all his other toys except for that mouse.

And today he played with it!! I was so exited. My honey and I were watching tv and he paused it, "Can you hear that?" Then i heard it, the squeak of the little mouse! We sat in awe listening to him play with the mouse. I am so exited that he is playing with it. And you might thinking right now that i am the crazy cat lady but he has never played with toys even as a kitten. So think what you want! But these kind of things excite me.

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