This morning i was reading my favorite blog in the world, and i was completely inspired! It was almost like me and becky were having the same dream last night.
My honey and I were playing around on the computer last night and we stumbled across a video. And i looked at him and said lets do it! and being the wonderful sport he is he said ok!
When i went to Becky's blog this morning and saw her post i felt the circle come together. 

The Thrive Project -quoting her words
Good morning friends.  I've had an epiphany.  So many of you are interested in learning more about your camera and since I'll be posting once a week on what I learn...why don't you join me in the journey??  The only way to learn is to DO right??  Let's learn together!!!  

So come on everyone lets join Becky in her journey, and this weeks assignment is Shutter Speed.
Here are my pictures, hope you like them.
The technique is called Light Painting...

This one was hard, because you have to spell your name backwards and just hope it looks right.

 This one was just fun

This is a picture of my kittin James Bond! I was holding him in my arms and was only shining the light on him so you cant see me. I really like the way it turned out.

Hope everyone is having a good day!!


  1. So cool!

  2. Well look at you!! That is some fancy shutter speed stuff...woohoo:)) LOVE it! Thank you so much for those amazingly sweet words. I can't believe I'm your favorite blog...I'm blushing;) Can't wait to see what else you come up with in the coming weeks!!


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