Hey Everyone!

I have just started a new class in my university. Its called 'Womens Studies' "Women in Leadership". It is so amazing. I was just told last class about a project that we get to start immediatly! And I am so excited that I have been shouting it out to the world!

I am going to be doing a fundraiser ( Since ill be running it that would be me being a woman in leadership!) Im hoping to combine 2 things together. Street kids and single mothers or something to do with abuse. [Transition house kind of thing].
Im so extatic! I want to funraise with 3-4 kinds of things.Bottles,cash,canned food, or toiletries and clothes.
I have to host the whole thing myself and I have been freaking out. I have never done anything bigger than the 30 hour famine! This project...even though it was only announced yesterday.... has become more than just a project for me. It has inpired me on so many levels. So I will be keeping you updated as I go along.

I hope you all will enjoy taking this journey with me. Thanks! Update you soon!

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