I havent done this in a while and I thought it would be fun....


Song in my head….  Anything and everything Christmas

In my window… complete darkness, and some dust on the sill

I am thinking… I really not ready for Christmas to come yet

I am thankful… all the blessings God has given me in my life, and for the challenges that have made me a better person

One of my favourite things… butternut squash

From the kitchen… all I see is dirty dishes

I am wearing… my pj’s I got for Christmas last year

I am creating… a blog post at the moment, hahah

I am going… to start getting dinner ready, Chicken wings tonight

I am wondering… why I ever stopped writing for fun, not blogging I mean. Like poems and stories

I am reading… sadly nothing at the moment. But dont forget about Talaya's Book review of Iron King is coming up in a few days :) Super exited for that!

I am hoping… my back gets better soon so I won’t be in pain

I am looking forward to… spending Christmas with my family and Skylar this year

I am hearing… the sound of random old Christmas music, right now... "Happy Holiday/The Holiday Season by Andy Williams.

Around the house… the lights are out and all is quite

Fun fact… did you know that mirrors are actually green?

Plans for the week… finish up physio for this week and take a break this weekend. It's my Nephew'S birthday party on Sunday should be lots of fun. His birthday is really on Christmas day! Oh how I miss them now they have moved away.

 Have an amazing weekend everyone!
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