written by Tamara Morgan

It was a day very much like any other
Except the fact I had lost something
that meant a lot to me
But now it is gone
I am not sure if I can get it back
It took me along time
To get it in the first place
What will I do if
I never get it back?
Will I never have anything like it again?
Probably not
My tears are the only things, these days
That keep me company
They are the only ones that understand
The pain I am going through
I am not sure if I should look
For something new or run back
Old memories flood my head
And I remember all the late nights
The talks about things only me and you knew about
The good times
When you and I were friends
But the days change and so do people
They grow apart just like me and you have
Friends for ever, it seems only yesterday
We talked and laughed
Except it didn’t last forever
And only in my dreams
Can I have you back with me

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