The phantom of the opera is a wondrous movie filled with love, passion, fear and betrayal. The movie is based on the famous opera “The Phantom on the Opera” by Andrew Lloyd Webber. The story along with the design of the entire story is amazing, it truly a remarkable adventure.
The Phantom of the Opera Directed by Joel Schumacher is a story about a girl named Christine. She is the daughter of a famous violinist which had died when she was only a child. She was taken in by Madame Giry, a ballet teacher that worked at the theater, he daughter Meg Giry and Christine become very close. Christine became a back up dancer in the opera theater and on the side took singing lessons from a secret music teacher. She called her teacher The Angel of Music but little did she know it was the Phantom of the Opera. Her voice became his passion. Her love became his obsession. Her refusal became his rage...
The music is so compelling it will make you fall in love with it as soon as you hear it. The orchestra is so talented and the singers must practice all the time because their voices are incredible. Andrew Lloyd Webber truly tells the story through his music, without the video you can still catch a glimpse of the story. You can close your eyes, listen, and the melody can tell a story all on its own, the imagery is remarkable. The softness of the music combined with the shire violent nature of some of the scenes keeps you on your toes the whole time. Wanting and waiting for the next moment of the marvelous musical performance.
The actors in this rendition really make the film come alive, they are brilliant. A part from the imagery of the music, the actor’s feelings really shine through. The lead actor, Gerard Butler (Phantom) and his partner Emmy Rossum (Christine) truly portray all the aspects of love, fear and hate, almost as if it was genuine. They are both fantastic performers moreover their voices are amazing; it really makes the movie come to life. Patrick Wilson (Raoul) does a fabulous job of portraying the star-crossed lover, as a consequence has to keep fighting hard to protect Christine. This love triangle comes to a dramatic end however and the outcome will keep you on your toes in anticipation of the closing scene.
Overall, in my option, this movie tells so many stories in one, that if you’re in the mood for a romantic heartfelt tale, than this movie is undoubtedly for you. Moreover if you’re a lover of musicals this is a must see and is essential to add to your repertoire. I give this motion picture 5/5 in all aspects, costume design, cinematography, choreography as well as story.

Have you seen this movie? Tell me what you thought about it…

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