Have you every tied to do something new before? I bet you have, everyday people do and try new things. Have you ever done anything that was our of your comfort zone? Some people have different levels of fear and can and will do more crazy things than others. Some people have been sky diving, not this girl, although someday I wish to be able to try it. Some people go there whole life without doing something out of their comfort zone and their ok with that. Some people don’t live in a bubble and are happy that way too. Not me. I love trying new things but I like my bubble because it is safe. It keeps me in control and nothing ever goes wrong in the bubble right?

Wrong. It doesn’t matter if you like or bubble or not. Life is not always going to be a straight road. It’s going to twist and turn and have its fair share of hills and valleys, I know mine has.

My life up until now has been a roller coaster ride, with little time on the straight stretch. I am constantly learning and doing new things that 2 or even 3 years ago I would have told you couldn’t be done. And just when you think you’re coming up on the end of the ride and your coming up to the landing, the car zooms forward and up another hill you go.

My roller coaster ride has been full of adventure. After Grad I moved two provinces away to be with my boyfriend, away from all my family and friends. It wasn’t so bad and I made new friends and talked on the phone with my family. We ended up staying there for a few years, had a few jobs, still not knowing what I wanted to do. I meet some amazing people that put me on the right track to a career in photography! Sounds fun right. I worked at Wolly world photo lab to learn the behind the scenes of the developing the film. Then I worked as a photographers assistant, learning all the editing a post processing. When I moved back to BC, I had a wonderful opportunity to become a manager at a studio in town. Dream come true, Manager at a Sears Portrait studio. I worked so hard and became the #1 studio in all of Canada out of 365 studios! The Vic President of the company even came to meet me in person; he loved my work and had tons of great advice for me. With him also came a job offer, Regional Trainer. Pretty much my job would be go to different studios all over the province and train people to be better photographers. Talk about a huge ego booster. Since I was little all I ever wanted to be was a teacher, best of both worlds with this new opportunity. It was all planned and set in action, I was going to start on Saturday…However that’s where I saw the landing and then plunged in to a very deep valley.

It was Thursday afternoon on April 10th 2014, when I got in to my car accident.

You see life doesn’t always give you heads up when things are going to change, one minute it will be sunny and next you’re caught in a rainstorm. Life if not about crying about the weather it’s about how you can learn to love the rain. To see the small joys that you get when it rains, like rainbows, flowers and green grass. Because it’s not always going to rain but it’s not always going to be sunny either. It’s what you do with the day that matters.

You only have one life to live. And whether you decide to live it in your bubble, outside of it or both, your life is what you make it.

Things for me have been on the slow, slow, slow ride back out of the valley, just about to see day light again. And you can be sure that when I reach the sun again I will not complain about the sun in my eyes, but just enjoy the warmth on my face.

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