First of all I want to thank you for visiting my page, grab a cup of organic tea and stay while.

My name is Tamara and I am so excited that you have stopped by. I am an amateur photographer working my way up in the photography world, blessed better half of my loving honey of 9 years and a freelance artist. I love painting; drawing and getting my hands dirty in gesso.

A few months ago my honey decided to turn the house all natural and go organic. Yes that’s right it was his idea, I was the sceptic. But I followed and started doing research and you know what I found…

That real food is hard to find. Who would have thought that?  After a few weeks on a ‘Real food’ diet I was hooked. The taste of food was good and satisfying again. It was an amazing feeling to eat breakfast and not be hungry or have tons of snacks before lunch. The taste and colour difference in the eggs alone, store bought compared to organic free range, is amazing. We have also recently gone Paleo, because I am lactose-intolerant and it just made sense for our little family.

Thus started my new adventure, learn to cook and live this amazing life style. There are so many articles and blogs with so much information about becoming a natural house hold  with so many amazing recipes I must try, where do I keep them all?… So what is the next logical step, blog about it of course!

So on my little blog you can look forward to information about art, food and how I am making my home chemical free. This is a place where I can try new things and experiment with going all natural. We plan on going completely chemical free in our household, from what we eat to what we use on our bodies. We are starting at the beginning and building our home from scratch, which is why I love my blog title so much.

I am looking forward to where this lifestyle is going to take us and you feel free to follow along on this journey with me. Follow Beginner home to keep up with all the crazy things we will be trying out.

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